Celeriac Giant Prague 1500 seeds
  • Celeriac Giant Prague 1500 seeds

Celeriac Giant Prague 1500 seeds


Celeriac also known as root celery, grown for its large swollen hypocotyl, not like the celery for its stems. Celeriac Giant Prague has vigorous roots and strong growing foliage. The large roots are high in fibre and low in calories. It can be used in winter soups, can be mashed with potatoes or on its own, or roasted. Keeps for a long time in a cool area or in the fridge. Check out our other variety Prinz too which has a higher resistance to bolting.

Sow celeriac seeds from February to April 3mm deep in quality seed compost. Germination takes 15-21 days at 20-25 Celsius. You can soak the seeds overnight in lukewarm water, to help them sprout. Seal the celeriac seed tray into a polythene bag after sowing to aid germination. When the seedlings are large enough to handle, transplant them 5 cm apart into bigger pots, containers. Gradually acclimatise to outdoor conditions and plant out in June 30-35cm apart in full sun and well drained, deeply dug, rich soil.

Keep the celeriac plants watered in dry spells. Remove any sideshoots that may form. Harvest the roots in October-November. In early winter lift any remaining plants and store in a cool dry place for winter use.

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