Calabrese Purple Rain F1 20 seeds


Calabrese Purple Rain F1 produces medium sized head, it is a cape type calabrese. The heads can be harvested when youn g as a whole head or they can be left to brunch out into spears and cut them as sprouting broccoli. Excellent even raw. A great purple veg to have in the garden. Full of vitamins and even protein, yes did you know broccoli has about 2% of protein!

Sow the Purple Rain calabrese seeds in a prepared seed bed in March-July about 1 cm deep, leaving 30 cm between rows. Or sow inside in March-April in good quality seed compost.

Transplant the seedlings to final position when they have at least 3 pairs of true leaves, leaving about 50 cm between the plants.

Thin the seedlings if sown direct outside leaving 50-60 cm between plants. Protect the plants from slugs and birds from the early stages. Water well when transplanted and during hot summer spells. Calabrese will grow in moist soil and doesn't require too much care.

After harvesting the main head the plants will produce many lovely spears.

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