Cucumber La Diva
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Cucumber La Diva 10 seeds


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La Diva is all American Selection Winner. Slender, glossy and bright green fruits. The skin is very smooth. The flesh is non bitter and seedless, sweet and crisp. A perfect snack on a nice summer evening, picked freshly on your plot or garden.

Sow la diva under cover from late April about 2 cm deep in fine seed compost. Sow 1 seed per small pot/seed cell, and keep the compost moist. Germination takes about 7-10 days at about 17-20 Celsius.

Transplant into bigger pots when large enough to handle and keep inside until the last chance of frost has passed. Prefers sunny location and well drained, rich soil. Grow in the greenhouse or in a very warm, sheltered spot in your garden, allotment.

Water well during growth and feed regularly for the highest production. 

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