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Cucumber Burpless Tasty Green F1 Hybrid 15 seeds

Cucumber is a very popular vegetable and this variety produces crisp, delicious fruits which are bitter free. Grows well outside in the garden, allotment. This is the variety which is called 'slicer' in America. This outdoor type is tolerant of summer heat, and resistant to mildew. Dark green,...
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Cucumber Marketmore 76 100 seeds

Marketmore is a popular and easy to grow cucumber variety. Excellent for outside growing. The fruits are about 20 cm long and dark green in colour. Cucumber Marketmore is a heavy cropper, ridge slicer type. Good resistance to powdery and downy mildew. Outisde or greenhouse production. We also...
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Cucumber La Diva 10 seeds

La Diva is all American Selection Winner. Slender, glossy and bright green fruits. The skin is very smooth. The flesh is non bitter and seedless, sweet and crisp. A perfect snack on a nice summer evening, picked freshly on your plot or garden. Sow la diva under cover from late April about 2 cm...
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Cucumber Passandra F1 Hybrid 5 seeds

Passandra is a top quality mini all female cucumber. Good resistant to cucumber mosaic virus and tolerant to powdory and downy mildew. Grows very well in an unheated greenhouse.   Cucumbers were once thought to be difficult to grow from seed, but new varieties are making it easier all the...
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Cucumber Gherkin National 50 seeds

Cucumber Gherkin National has mainly female flowers and the plant produce masses of prickly fruits for pickling. Ideal for pickling when smaller in size, pick just 2 days after the flowers set and have as a mini Cucumber & Gherkin. Great variety for outside growing. Sow gherkin seeds under...
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Cucumber Perfection 100 seeds

Perfection produces large fruits. A hardy, ridge type cucumber the second most popular after Marketmore . Very easy to grow, perfect for outside growing. Cucumbers are an easy crop to grow and offer high yields making them one of the more popular crops in most home gardens. Cucumbers are...
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Cucumber Lemon 30 seeds

Cucumber Lemon has yellow, round fruits. Early variety, matures after about 60 days. The plant is resistant to rust and drought. Suitable for outside growing.  Fresh cucumbers are one of summer’s great joys, especially when grown in your own backyardUnlike hardy vegetables like carrots and...
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Cucumber Pipenex F1 Hybrid 5 seeds

Cucumber Pipenex is an F1 Hybrid variety. Smooth long and bitter free fruits, with a good resistance to powdery mildew. Earlier than other hybrid varieties. Ideal for growing under glass.  A favorite among home gardeners, cucumbers are quite easy to grow. When grown well, they produce...
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Cucamelon 15 seeds

We call them cucamelons here in the UK but these actually are Mexican Sour Gherkin or Mexican Miniature Watermelon. The fruits taste just like cucumber with a hint of lime. Vigorous vine produces masses of fruits. Easily grown outside. The plants will need some support to grow up on. Use them in...
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Cucumber White Wonder 30 seeds

White Wonder is a heirloom cucumber, ideal if you want to grow something different in your garden. Excellent quality creamy white fruits up to 20cm in length. Good strong plant habit and early into production. Pick the fruits when they are smaller, about 10 cm in size for pickling. Can be grown...
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Cucumber Femspot F1 Hybrid 5 seeds

Femspot is an F1 Hybrid cucumber, one of the best selling varieties in the UK. The plants are really strong growing, earlier cropper than most other cucumbers. You can enjoy the bitter free, ribbed fruits all summer long. Ideal greenhouse crop, but can be grown outside too in a sunny, sheltered...
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Organic - Cucumber Marketmore 25 seeds

Organic Cucumber Marketmore is a popular and easy to grow cucumber variety. The seeds are organically grown. Excellent for outside growing in the UK. The fruits are about 20 cm long and dark green in colour. Marketmore is a heavy cropper, ridge slicer type. Good resistance to powdery and downy...
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Cucumber Carmen F1 Hybrid 5 seeds

Carmen cucumber seeds is a well-known variety, great for cropping through the summer season well into the autumn, 30-40cm long, slightly ribbed, smooth fruit. Resistant to scab and leaf spot, high resistance to Powdery Mildew and partially tolerant of Downy Mildew.  Carmen has only female...
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