Salsify Sandwich Island 100 seeds


Salsify is a root vegetable of the dandelion famaily, and it is used in the kitchen en Europe much more than here in the UK. It is a great addition the winter vegetable garden. The salsify plants are hardy and do not need much maintanance, just keep them weed free and water them in dry spells.

Sow the salsify seeds in April direct outside just like you do with other root vegetables. An shallow drills, 1 - 2 cm deep. The germination is slow and the plant growth is slow too but the salsify plants do not need much extra care throughout the season. Sow the seeds 5 - 8 cm apart to leave enough room for each salsify plant. Salsify just like other root veg likes a soft, well turned soil, add somne sand to the raised beds if your soil is hard, remove all weeds and as much stones as you can when digging in the autumn. aslo add some manure in the autumn to loosen the soil and to add extra nutrients.

Thin out the seedkings if needed and keep watering the plants in longer dry spells. If they salsify plants dry out too much, the roots become woody.

Lift the salsify in late summer - late autumn. The salsify leaves can also be eaten similar to spinach. They can be left in the soil until the first frost and if you mount them up they can overwinter and you can eat the fresh shoots in the spring just like asparagus.

Cook the salsify gently and serve as side dish with batter and a bit of garlic, or salsify can be mashed as well like other root vegetables.

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