Basil Siam Queen 200 seeds
  • Basil Siam Queen 200 seeds

Thai Basil Siam Queen 200 seeds


Siam Queen is a great strain of thai basil, very popular in oriental cooking. The dark green leaves and the purple flower spikes make this basil an ideal ornamental herb too. Can be grown in pots in the patio area or in a windowbox. Height 30-40cm.

Sow the Siam Queen basil seeds from February onwards inside or outside from May, in small pots, or in fine seedbed. Just cover the seeds with fine compost/soil, can be grown inside all year round, germination 10-15 days, keep the soil slightly moist, do not overwater.

Transplant outside in June, to a sunny/partly shady position. Plants like slightly dry conditions.

Keep picking the leaves to encourage further production. Find more on how to grow basil here.

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