Mustard Southern Giant 600 seeds
  • Mustard Southern Giant 600 seeds
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Mustard Southern Giant 600 seeds


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Mustard Southern Giant has dark green fringed leaves. Ideal for baby leaf production. A great addition to any leaf salad. Leaves can be added to stir fry meals. A cut and come again crop which can be grown from early spring to late autumn. Very tasty green leaves with mild mustard flavour.

If left to grow fully, mustard southern giant produces an upright plant with frilled, heavily curled, dark green leaves.

Sow the mustard seeds from early April through the summer in a well prepared bed about 1 cm deep, leaving 15-20 cm between the drills.

Thin out the seedlings 10-15 cm apart.

Cut the leaves with scissors when required and leave the plants.

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