Perpetual Spinach 200 seeds
  • Perpetual Spinach 200 seeds

Perpetual Spinach 200 seeds


Perpetual spinach or also known as spinach beet is a relative of chard. This heirloom veg is extremly resistant to bolting, an excellent cut and come again crop means that you can harvest the dark green leaves throughout the entire growing season well into the winter. Fast growing vegetable, ideal in small gardens. The young leaves are milder and ideal in raw salads, the older leaves have a slightly stronger flavour and better to eat steamed. A very easy to grow vegetable, which can be grown in containers.  The leaves wilt quite fast so use them as soon as possible after picking.

Sow the perpetual spinach seeds from late February under cover and througout the spring outside about 1 cm deep in a well cultivated soil.  This plant can be grown in any soil type but best grown in a sunny spot in well draind soil. Watch out for slugs as they love the spinach beet seedlings a lot. Thin out to 5-10cm apart as the seedlings appear. Used the thinnings in salads.

Water well in dry spells.Harvest the young leaves as required, picking only a few from each plant. Crops continuously if picked often. Very good vegetable for beginners. The leaves rich in Vitamin A, C and K and also minerals.

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