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Lajos is the founder of Seed Parade. Over the years he helped many gardeners growing their own through the Seed Parade forum and here on the blog too. He has an Agri- and Horticultural university degree, and he grows his own on his London allotment for more than five years.
Lajos Szabo

About Seeds

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All of our seeds and any seeds you buy in the EU are non - GMO! So don't be afraid to try growing some lovely purple podded peas, it is actually a heirloom variety. We are asked the question almost every day on social media and via email if any of the seeds we sell is Genetically Modified? I blame this on two things, 1: the public is not informed very well about Genetically Modified Organisms and how it is regulated in the UK and the EU and 2: we sell more unusual seeds. Which in many minds would suggest that they are genetically modified. GMO seeds are not publicly available in the EU luckily (I am not sure if any GMO crop is grown commercially anywhere in the EU), so be assured that you will not be able to buy any from any online store. They are mostly grown in America and a

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Win a great new allotment book and seeds

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Win Matthew Appleby's new book plus 50 packets of randomly picked seeds from our shop. Competition ends 11/10/2013. Enter by commenting below, just let us know what is your favourite vegetable to grow on your plot or in your garden.Winner will be randomly picked and will be notified by email and announced here on the blog.   THE ALLOTMENT PLANNER MORE THAN 200 WAYS TO TRANSFORM YOUR PLOT MATTHEW APPLEBY Introduction by Alys Fowler 9780711234703 Hardback £14.99 November 2013 Published by Frances Lincoln Help your allotment to thrive all year round with more than 200 timely projects. • The Allotment Planner shows you how to focus your gardening energies to transform your plot in impressive and creative ways. • Find out how to grow the tastiest crops, keep the

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Sprouting the Mammoth Leek Seeds

Person Author: Lajos Szabo Calender January 3, 2013 Posted Tags: , , Comment 1 Comment

The silly leek competition has began on the first of January and after just 24 hours the seeds are on their way. I put the Mammoth leek seeds between wet kitchen tissue paper and place them in a small plastic container, and put that about 5 inches above the radiator. I don't have any fancy heated propagator and lights so this is the method I use often to germinate chillies and tomatoes quickly too. Except that I don't sprout them on paper but plant them straight into the compost, but they all go on the top of the radiator. I used tweezers to pick the largest seeds out (the fact that the sprouts are visible allowed me to do a selection at this early stage) and planted them into a mix of ordinary potting on and seed sowing compost, into small cells. Only one sprouting seed per cell

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Growing Cucumber

Person Author: Lajos Szabo Calender November 6, 2012 Posted Tags: , , Comment 2 Comments
cucumber seedling

Cucumber (Cucumis sativus) is a very popular vegetable, originates from India where it is cultivated for more than 3000 years. Many gardeners don’t grow this tasty veg, but if you can grow tomatoes, you can succeed with cucumbers too. They are delicious in summer salads and sandwiches and if you are a fan of juicing you must try lemon cucumber. The right variety As always growing starts with choosing the right variety for your growing conditions, and with cucumbers it is especially true. Greenhouse cucumbers don’t grow well outside at all in most summers as they need lots of heat and humidity to grow successfully. Most F1 hybrid varieties are suitable for indoor growing only. These cucumbers produce all female flowers, where pollination is not necessary to produce the frui

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A cold allotment day

Person Author: Lajos Szabo Calender October 28, 2012 Posted Tags: Comment 1 Comment

Finally it is cold now, the perfect weather to do some autumn/winter digging. Unfortunately though the soil is still very wet so managed to dig just enough to plant some broad bean seeds in. And of course as I was hoping that perhaps the soil will be a bit dryer next week it has started to rain again. Well, the story of 2012 still lives on: wet, cold makes it hard to garden and grow anything. Enough of moaning though now and let's see what are the advantages of winter digging. All the seeds what are on the surface will go deep down and won't germinate first thing in the spring. Even in May I had the winter dug beds ready for planting, all I had to do is loosen the soil a little bit with a fork, as my soil is quite heavy, but it was pretty much weed free. Also in the spring there are

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Crazy veggie bake

Person Author: Lajos Szabo Calender October 21, 2012 Posted Tags: , , , Comment No Comments
veggie bake

It is crazy for more than one reason. Firstly I have never made it before, just opened the fridge and had a sudden thought. Secondly it does taste so nice it makes you crazy or just make you want more :) Ingredients: 5 large potatoes 2 onions, 3 medium sized leeks, 3 gloves of garlic 2 big handful of purple sprouting broccoli 1 broccoli 2 handful of Brussels sprout slat, black pepper, oil For the white sauce: 400 ml milk 2 tablespoon flour butter slat, black pepper, nutmeg Preparation: Fry the onions, leeks and the garlic in sunflower oil. Steam the broccoli, the purple sprouting broccoli and the Brussels sprouts. The sprouts need longer steaming so you will have to do them separately, well it is a large amount of vegetables to steam so you wou

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How to grow broccoli and calabrese from seeds

Person Author: Lajos Szabo Calender October 12, 2012 Posted Tags: , , , Comment No Comments
cabbage white

Broccoli and Calabrese are from the Brassica family. Broccoli is the large, green head you buy in the shops but for some strange reason the plant we grow is called Calabrese. In general the ones which produce green heads or sprouts are called Calabrese. The ones producing purple or white ones are called broccoli. I know it is very confusing, it took me few years to come to terms with it. Calabrese will produce the heads and spears in the same year, while broccoli will produce the following year from late winter to late spring depending on the variety. Sprouting Broccoli is a great vegetable for the so called hungry gap when there is nothing much in the garden to pick. See our range here. Sowing the seeds Sow the seeds in the spring late April, generally 4 weeks before the last e

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Digging for Victory…

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black cherry tomato

oh no 'only' for broad beans and garlic (I love planting the big seeds on a cold autumn day). It was so wet and it is still so wet that I managed to dig only a very small patch which is not really enough as I like my broad beans a lot. The mulching I did on this patch back in early summer worked very well; the cardboard is completely broken down and some of the woodchips too, but not all of it as I did make the layer very thick. The woodchips will continue to break down during the winter after I dug it in and it will improve the soil. I have seen many earthworms and wiggly red worms too which when I was digging which means the soil is improving as the worms go where there is plenty of organic matter. They help to break down the woodchipping and release the useful nutrients. And t

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The Most Popular Vegetables and Herbs

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most popular vegetables and herbs

The small team here at Seed Parade got together and processed the last 3 years sales figures. Based on entirely on that here you can find what are the nation's most popular vegetables and herbs to grow from seeds. It is an interesting but somewhat predictable result. I wouldn't have thought myself that tomatoes are so ahead of everything else and that basil is so popular. My bet was on parsley really. What is your favourite veg and herb?  

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Growing tasty and healthy beetroot

Person Author: Lajos Szabo Calender September 28, 2012 Posted No Tags Comment No Comments
Beetroot in modules

This wonderful root veg is super good for you and growing beetroot is very easy. With successional sowing and storing, you can have your own for months and months. I do love it a lot and my favourite recipe is this roasted beetroot, but the possibilities are endless; you can make beetroot soup or even try beetroot sliced on the barbecue and in your burger. Many different varieties are available, but the standard globe shaped deep red ones growing in many gardens and allotments up and down the country. Sowing the seeds Dig the soil in the spring, few weeks before sowing as beetroot likes a loose and light soil and plenty of sunshine. Avoid growing beetroot in semi shade. I had the last two rows of my plants in a semi shaded area by accident this year, they were in shade for about

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