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The end of the Harvest Season

Person Author: Sojali Farm Calender October 21, 2015 Posted Tags: , , , , Comment No Comments

As we near the end of Harvest season, what do we do with our plots, containers and gardens? Plots: Now is the time for adding mulch, ground cover seeds or weed sheets. Some people even just turn their soil and leave their plots alone to let nature do its thing, although if you are not a daily visitor, then after the bad weather, it can very quickly turn into the day of the triffids on the plot! Containers: All that spent soil needs emptied into the composter(s) and the pots cleaned thoroughly with jeyes and water, and stored ready for the Spring time! Gardens: By now, your last lawn cut should of been done or about to be done depending on your geographical location. The bulbs have been sown for the spring time and everything has been harvested (fruit trees) and pruned. Kitchen:

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The Eden Way Gardening from The Allotment Shed

Person Author: Lajos Szabo Calender June 29, 2015 Posted No Tags Comment No Comments

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21st – 27th December 2014 on Plot 44

Person Author: Paul1sh Calender December 27, 2014 Posted No Tags Comment No Comments

Hello and welcome back to Plot 44 . This week began with the Winter Solstice combined with the Christmas celebrations and as I write this there is snow all around making any groundwork pointless today. I hope everyone reading this has had a happy and peaceful Christmas . My last visit to the allotment was on Christmas Eve and that was merely a case of emptying the kitchen caddy that was filled with vegetable peelings in to the compost bin and to harvest some spinach . I have a total of five compost bins on the allotment . Two of those Dalek style compost bins , black plastic domestic bin that I use to put weeds in , a black plastic clip together 'flat pack' bin and a home made rotating compost bin . Up until recently we were allowed to burn garden waste on our allotment plots but becaus

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Introducing Plot 44

Person Author: Paul1sh Calender December 20, 2014 Posted No Tags Comment 2 Comments

Hi to all of you who are reading this my very first post on Seed Parade. Three years ago this month and I was offered my allotment , plot 44, which I accepted without even viewing it . It might only be 105 square meters but when I first actually viewed it I was a little overwhelmed as to where to start but once I did start and with the aid of fellow plotholders it quite quickly took shape . Here is how Plot 44 looked when I first viewed it on New Years Eve 2011 Anyway here I am just as 2014 is about to end and I'm about to begin the journey of documenting weekly what I have been up to on plot 44 and its progress . Of course the preparation of the allotment and growing of is only the start of the journey . My diet has been greatly enriched through growing my own and so too have my k

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Is It Spring Yet ?

Person Author: Helen Fowler Calender April 2, 2014 Posted No Tags Comment No Comments

This seems to be one of the most asked questions at the moment. We have had the Spring Equinox and the clocks went forward last weekend, but the cold weather is not behind us just yet! If your thinking of planting out anything that is not hardy, you will have to be prepared to protect them. We have a few nice days which make us think Spring has arrived, but be careful gardeners as I'm sure there will be a more than a few frosts to come. Off course a lot will depend on your location, I am up in North Yorkshire, just below the North York Moors. We are quite sheltered from winds coming from the North and East, but there is little to protect us from the South and West. We can get some ferocious South Westerly gales streaming down from the Pennines, and the winds can severely damage tend

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The new season has truly begun…

Person Author: Gavin Conway Calender March 23, 2014 Posted No Tags Comment No Comments
2014-03-16 17.05.01L_rs

I've not been doing much on the blog side lately so here goes with some info on the last few months activities. I planted my garlic as normal in September in modules in the greenhouse but they were really very slow this year. I normally plant them out at the plot end of December but this year only in February and very small growth and root system. They seem to be growing well now. I am growing the garlic through weed fabric this year as my onions did really well last year and no weeding was required other than a few hand pulled weeds. Since I made my light grow box in January the seedlings have really been growing well. I eventually had to take the chillies and peppers out when I potted up the show onions.. The chillies have really done well and as it's the first time growing them

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DIY Greenhouse rainwater collector kit..

Person Author: Gavin Conway Calender February 6, 2014 Posted No Tags Comment 8 Comments
2014-02-06 19.38.45L_rs

Just a quick evening blog.... I searched for Greenhouse rainwater collector kits on Ebay today for my home GH to collect nutritious rain water for my seedlings. I found some for £18 a pair... Now I don't like to pay much for anything so into the workshop I went to make my own. I always collect bits of copper piping from old baths and basins when I see them in skips as I know I can use bits at the plot from time to time. I also had some thick firm compressed rubber matting from kids play areas which come in handy as kneeler pads for the garden and our ageing knees!! You know the type - just like flip flops are made from.. I cut a piece of rubber mat off a piece that is under the grow box and then cut a few blocks of mat a bit wider and higher than the inside size of the g

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Mmmm new Project – DIY Light Grow Box…

Person Author: Gavin Conway Calender January 28, 2014 Posted No Tags Comment No Comments

So..... I was sitting at the Christmas dinner table (on boxing day) with the family and suddenly decided I need a grow box to play with for growing some show onions, a few peppers and chilies.. Bright idea... I had a light box of sorts sitting in my garage for layering my vinyl signs which I had made out of an old cupboard from a skip with some lights inside and a perspex top. Basically a box to lay signs on and then lay another one on top in the correct positions to create different backgrounds etc. I don't use it any more so decided it can be DIY'd into my new grow box.     I removed the lights and door, hacked it shorter and started on the new design. I had previously used 6 energy saver bulbs and had some plugs and switches in my draws. I decided on using 2 bulbs and hav

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How I grew over half a tonne of Veg on my allotment in 2013.. (Super-Blog part 2)


So to continue... Spring Onions... As I said in the part 1 we love our onions.  As well as the normal onions I also have a small bed of multiplying onions - like a spring onion but a bit smaller. I originally planted a few bunches of two or three onions and they soon turned into huge bunches of tall tasty onions which are ideal in stews and soups. They have a totally different taste to normal onions. I dig up a portion of a bunch when required by driving a spade through the bunch and replacing some soil to fill the void!! When the whole bunch has been used I replant a small bunch of 2-5 and in not time they will be ready for eating as well. This way one only needs a square meter or so in the garden for theses.  They over-winter without any problem and jump back into growing mode i

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How I grew over half a tonne of Veg on my allotment in 2013.. (Super-Blog part 1)


Wow - I was quite astounded when I added the quantities of veg that I grew on my allotment last season.. I grew 588 kg. on 165 sq. mt.   My Harvest 2013 After seeing the price of runner beans in town I decided to do a harvest record just to see how much I have grown and priced at supermarket prices.. Some estimates are on the lower side!! Strawberries 40kg = 88punnet @ £2.50 = £225 Broadbeans 6kg @ £1.80 per kg = £11 Peas 6kg @ £2 = £12 Potatoes 90kg @ £1 = £90 Gemsquash 130 @ 50p = £65 Runner beans 31kg @ 6.67 = £207 Courgettes 20kg @ £1.60 = £32 Squashes loads +/- 12 @ £1 = £12 Hubbard squash 4 large @ £4 = £16 Acorn squash 21 @ £1 + £21 Pumpkin 1 @ 2kg @ £2 = £2 Beetroot +/- 25 kg @ £3.3 = £83 Garlic 80 large bulbs @ 50p = £40 Onions 450 @ 2

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