Veg seeds in pots in July

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Well I have to say the weather and slugs defeated my plants outside; whatever is survived the slug and snail attack is hardly growing this year. But not all is lost as I have plenty of home made compost available, just had to sieve it and I had nice, black compost to sow some seeds in.

You can sow quite a few things even as late as July outside or in containers. As the weather is really horrible I don’t want to risk my sowings outside again, so decided to go a bit pot crazy. With the size of plot I have is really stupid but hey, sometimes you have to compromise.

Sowing in pots has many advantages, especially this year:

–          easier to protect your crop from slugs and snails

–          sowing in compost will result in higher germination rate

–          growing in compost will result in better growth

–          if you have a greenhouse or large propagator the pots can be moved in and out

–          no struggle with weeds

Of course you cannot grow as much food as using your plot or garden unless you have lots of containers, but for late sowings it is worth a try. You can sow all the leaf veggies, lettuces, spinach, rocket, radish, beetroot, and carrot. You might end up with only baby vegetables but hey they are tasty too; and if we will have a nice and sunny September… who knows. My mizuna and mustard germinated in 3 days in the greenhouse under the tomato plants. Now I will put the pots outside as the light is limited under the tall plants, and will harvest some fresh leaves in about 30 days and will move back the pots in the greenhouse later in the season when the tomatoes finished producing and there is more light in there.  What else would you sow in July?

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