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We did ran this before and was very successful. I know it is not the best time of the year as schools are closing now for the summer holidays (I wonder what happens to their veggie garden), and planting does not really happen any more; but it is the best time of year for us to send some free seeds for schools. Schools are our priority and we do get more than enough schools to send seeds to so please DO NOT get in touch if you are not a school; I know that there are hundreds of other good causes to support with free seeds but hey we only have limited stock for free to give away. You can always buy some really cheap veg seeds, we always have some big discounts on.

We well send the seeds ONLY to the schools addresses and only within the UK.

All you have to do is email us the school address to support @ (don’t forget an FAO) and the school will receive about 20 packets of seeds which are all fine for next spring to plant. As soon as our seed allowance runs out for this project I will update this post; but we have enough for about 30 schools so get emailing!!

What are the best vegetables to grow from seeds for kids? Please help us by leaving a comment below!

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  • Claire:

    I have found that the best seeds for children (primary school) are larger seeds, so Beans, pumpkin, sunflower, squashes, peas are all good. Not forgetting of course your seed potatoes, shallots and onion sets!

    For slighty older children (still primary) you can perhaps move to the beets and sweetpeas?

  • Diego Rodriguez:

    Hi, I working for a public school in Uruguay as member of fathers commission.
    My 3 kids go to that school located in Prado neighborhood.
    School have a part of land available to cultivate And we are initiating planting some vegetables.
    Did you send seeds outside UK?
    Thank you very much.

    ESCUELA 14
    MONTEVIDEO – Uruguay

  • Kevin Osborne:

    Great idea but need to make sure items are ready to Harvest in early July as some schools may not be able to attend to plants during August. Pumpkins would be great put without care during 6 week long summer break may die.

  • Rachel Rogers:

    Thank you,have emailed and hope we get lucky! I work at three different schools teaching gardening,and try to sow seed that will be either ready before the hols or things that will last till September. Only one school has a summer school so the children there are very lucky and harvest tons!

  • Tracey Cooke:

    RCT Homes is a Community Mutual Housing Assocaiton and owns over 10,000 properties in the valleys of RCT.

    We have an annual tenant fun day approaching where over 2,000 local communities attend the event.

    Would we be able to source any seeds to give away on a few stalls on the day? As we want to pomote healthier lifestyles, wellbeing and community growing.

    I wait to hear from you.

    Kind regards


  • graham russ:

    just wondering would the fee seeds be on offer to scout groups ?

    many thanks


  • N Strachan:

    Hi there,
    We are a Scottish Secondary School in South Lanarkshire and are looking for some seeds to plant within our school grounds. Is this offer still availible?
    Kind Regards
    Miss Strachan

  • Miss Wood:

    Hi there,

    We are a brand new school in Brighton with Year 7, 8 and 9’s, growing every year from now. I would like to start a gardening and eco club, we have lovely traditional grounds but could have an input from the students.

    Is this offer still on?

    Kinds regards

    Pippa Wood

  • Miss. B:

    Hi there,

    We are a school, also in Brighton. We are starting a gardening club. Do you still offer free seeds?

    Thank you

    Miss. B

  • Jannine burton:

    Hi I am a parent that runs a gardening class with a special needs class in a school in Sutton Surrey. The class has named out planting area plant world and we love it . We are always looking for any donation and will try and grow any thing we love using the garden for our sensory needs and food tasting thank you for your time .

  • Bridget Turner:

    I work in an inner city primary school with children of many nationalities and run an after school gardening club.The children mostly live in high rise flats or shared houses with no gardens although one of the members does have a one!
    When we first started the club most of our members had no idea that they could grow food .
    We have progressed to flowers as well, we encourage the children to collect seeds but are always looking for extras Do you still do free seeds for schools? I hope so
    Bridget Turner
    Easton CE Academy
    Beaufort street
    Bristol BS5 0SQ

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