My chillies june 16th 2015

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All my chillies are doing well in the greenhouse, some got whitefly or aphids, so i banished them to the outside and hope the rain and cold will take care of that, then they might come back inside…lol.

I’ve found my Serrano chilli to have hairy leaves, and I don;t know yet if I mislabeled another plant like a marjoram or not, as they’re no flowers/fruits on it, but the stem looks like chilli

serrano this one is the hairy one labeled Serrano, might be a weed haha..


longredmarconi red long sweet pepper

filiusblue filius blue

demonred demon red

cayenne cayenne

basketoffire basket of fire

ancho02 and the gigantic Ancho chilli, one might last me all year 😉

beasties the usual beasties on peppers and chillies


fromlastyear lastyearscherrybell  these are overwintered from last year and the only 3 that made it

peppers01 peppers02  some are still small, but i have a lot of bush type chillies that won;t get big anyway

peppers03 due to a lack of space a lot of them arein (generous) pots.

peppers04 some had to be banished from the greenhouse due to bugs.






royalblack this one was given to me by one of our forum members (mark) and i love it, it’s royal black and it’s stunning

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  • Tony Taylor:

    Absolutely wicked; fantastic…When did you sow the seeds and how and where…Need to pick your brains……Very best wishes ( ya smarty pants )Tony

  • Naturewoman:

    Serrano chilli is a bit hairy so you probably labelled correct. Nice selection of plants.

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