10th May to 16th May 2015 on Plot 44

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I had planned to catch up on my sowing this week and kicked it off with beans . I rehydrated some of the coco coir and I then used the hydrated coco coir to fill used toilet roll tubes and sowed various beans in them. On Sunday 10th May the following were sown : Runner Beans ( Streamline , Firestorm & Scarlet Emperor ),Dwarf French Beans ( Ferrari & Tendergreen ) , Climbing Beans ( Blue Lake , Borlotti (Lingua di Fuoco) & Cosse Violet ) as well as a Broad Bean . The Broad Bean , Borlotti and Cosse Violet (purple podded French Bean) were from seeds I had collected and saved from last year’s harvest.

Sowing beans in tubes

Sowing beans in tubes


Herbs sown in modules


Squash seeds sown on May 2nd beginning to show












On Monday 11th I finished sowing the following beans : French Bean (Achim (dwarf)) , Broad Bean (Bunyards Exhibition) , Bean Yard Long (Metro Rouge) , Runner Beans (Enorma, White Emergo and Painted Lady ) , Borlotti (bush type) and Asparagus Pea.

I also sown the following : Summer Squash (Custard White) , Winter Squash (variety unknown as self collected last year.) , Winter Squash (Sweet Dumpling) , Butternut Squash , Courgette (Black Forest F1) , Aubergine (Mixed) , Aubergine (Black Enorma) and Sweet Corn (Mini Pop F1).

I had planned to sow a lot of herbs on the Tuesday but that never materialized so on the Wednesday I sowed: Hamburg Parsley, Marjoram, Flat Leaf Parsley and Curly Leaf Parsley, Fennel , Sage , Dill , Basil Dark Bush and Dark Opal , Coriander . As well as those I sowed : Courgette , Cabbage , Mustard Greens , Pak Choi , Mizuna , Mustard Oriental Pizzo ,  Quinoa Red and White.

On my last visit to the plot this week I managed to spend 2 hours on the allotment in which time I sown Parsnips (Hollow Crown & Guernsey) , Carrots ( Early Nantes& Royal Change may Red), Radish (French Breakfast 3) and Beetroot Boltardy in a bed where I sowed similar on 29th March but none appeared to have survived.

Until next time I thank you for reading/returning, Paul

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