Gardening News – Retailers offer carrot plug plants at £1.09 each

Person Author: Lajos Szabo Calender March 7, 2010 Posted Tags: , , Comment No Comments

This week’s breaking news in the gardening world is that some retailers sell carrot plug plants at really high price. The highest price was 1.09, but after the famous Which? approached the company, it has stopped selling the plugs. Wow, well done Which?. Other retailers offer the carrots from 44p a piece, and it is still a poor value for money.

OK, so some gardeners do want to grow veggies from plug plants, and it is understandable that you can buy tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers as plugs, in the end you will have more then 1 fruit from one plant. One carrot plant will produce only one carrot though and, well for 44p or 109p it is not exactly a grow your own and save money project, is it?! And it is really easy and popular to grow carrots from seed, and most of the seed retailers offer great value carrot seeds.

We believe that with some practice everyone can grow their own vegetables from seeds at low prices. Money saving is one of the major factors when people turn to grow their own vegetables and there are companies out there, who sell quality and cheap vegetable seeds. So watch out if you want to save money on your gardening!

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