Grow crunchy carrots from our vigorous seeds

Plant the finest carrot seeds in your garden for a successful harvest. We have globe and cylindrical shaped varieties, and tapered roots. Purple, red, rainbow mix or just the regular orange coloured roots you are after, we stock all these different carrot varieties, and they are all perfect for the UK climate. Carrots are easy to grow, and with a bit of experience you can have crunchy roots all year around. And you can get 2000 seeds for only 99p.

Amsterdam can be sown as early as February under protection, and for baby root production you can sow this variety as late as August. Make sure that you grow all your root vegetables in a soft, preferably sandy, deep dug soil. You can even add some sand to the soil in the autumn or spring, to make it easier for the roots to grow. Sow the maincrop carrots between late March and mid June. About three weeks after the seeds germinate, the seedlings need thinning out, just remove some of them from the row, to make room for the roots grow into the desired size. Later on the rows might need an other thinning, and when the small carrots are a bite size you can start using them in your kitchen.

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Carrot Autumn King 2000 seeds

Autumn King produces large roots. Ideal for storing over winter. Well known, easy to grow variety. Carrots are rich in antioxidants and vitamin A. Roots are delicious raw when they are young and great for cookingand excellent for storing too. Approximately 100 days from sowing the carrots to...
Price £1.29

Carrot Chantenay Red Core 2000 seeds

The standard chantenay type carrot for decades. The 5-7 inches long roots make this carrot an ideal choice in shallow soil. Smooth sided roots that end in a blunt tip. Red core chantenay produces fine tasting roots. The broad shoulders and strong tops make the harvest easy. Early variety, 70...
Price £1.09

Carrot Nantes 2000 seeds

Carrot is a very British vegetable and Nantes is one of the best for winter storage. Carrots are rich in antioxidants and vitamin A. Roots are delicious raw when they are young and great for cooking in full maturity. Approximately 120 days from sowing. Our most popular carrot seed. Site Prep...
Price £0.99

Carrot Purple Sun F1 200 seeds

Purple Sun is a unique purple hybrid carrot, and the colour does not fade during cooking so will add a lot of fun to your dishes. These carrot seeds are Nantes type carrot. And the wonderful colour can encorage children too to eat more veggies. The darkest of dark purple colour, beautiful...
Price £1.39

Carrot Flyaway F1 250 seeds

Carrot Flyaway F1 is a British bred carrot, specially bred to tolerate carrot root fly. Excellent quality cylindrical roots. Smooth, bright orange skin, blunt end. Royal Horticultural Society Award of Garden Merit. If you want the best success against carrot flies, try to plant garlic or strong...
Price £1.09

Organic - Carrot Flakkee 1000 seeds

Flakkee has long, thick roots. The colour and flavour is excellent and has good storage quality. The roots will remain good in the ground for a long time withoit spoiling. Excellent for storgae, the roots are up to 28 cm long. These seeds are organically grown . Dig deep where you want your...
Price £1.49

Carrot Paris Market Atlas 1000 seeds

This variety is ideal in shallow, stoney soils. Strong growing plants give a reliable crop. Gives an interesting look to any dish with it's unusual shape.   Whether you’re a beginner or experienced gardener, anyone can grow carrots. These crunchy and sweet vegetables are a staple in the...
Price £0.99

Carrot Rainbow 200 seeds

An unusual variety that produces amazing roots from orange to yellow to white. A strong growing variety with healthy and vigorous foliage. Approximately 90 days from sowing to maturity. A mixture of colours will give an extra interest to harvesting your root vegetables. A great carrot to grow...
Price £1.39

Carrot Amsterdam 2000 seeds

Amsterdam is an early carrot variety. Ideal for sowing the seeds under protection from as early as February. The relatively short roots makes this carrot a must have in shallow soils; and also ideal for baby carrot production. The cylindrical roots are deep orange in colour and have almost no...
Price £1.29

Carrot Red Samurai F1 200 seeds

Red Samurai carrot seeds at low price, this variety has beautiful roots with smooth red coloured skin and coreless pink flesh. High sugar content makes this variety very popular with children. The coloration of the skin deepens with maturity, and holds well during cooking. Patience is the main...
Price £1.39