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Win 30 packets of seeds! Enter by commenting below, just tell us what is your favourite vegetable to grow from seeds. Ends 18/03/2016


300 Responses to “Win Seeds”

  • Harry:

    Thai Basil great seed retailer

  • Charlie Flack:

    Dwarf green beans

  • Gemma Millar-Hanna:

    My favourite seed to grow has to be the Cucumelons. Not only do they taste great but the are quite easy to grow and look good also. Something a little different without being complicated.

  • Jane:

    You can’t beat a parsnip!

  • John Coxhead:


    But your Perpetual Spinach and Swiss Chard come a close second


    John C

  • martin Whittle:

    Chillies – the hottest

  • Lynn Bunter:

    my favourite vegetables to grow from seeds are green beans.

  • Patricia:

    I love Swiss chard

  • Rob stokes:

    Landcress : easy to grow, prolific, nutritious & tasty!

  • Graham:

    My favourite vegetable to grow from seed Is, potatoes, so many great varieties and relatively easy to grow with great rewards

  • Roy Cook:

    Chillies are my favourite, every strength.

  • Garry colley:

    Tomatoes and peas, fantastic from seed parade. Good germination percentage . But most of all great flavour .

  • alan taylor:

    Basil mint and peppers

  • Keith Allan:

    Lemon grass. For years i could not get it to grow but this year it has grown a treat so for today it is my pet. The real star though is a good old snowball collie.

  • steven picton-duce:

    Chilies I find very rewarding.from a good seed merchant easy

  • Gareth:

    Beetroot. can’t get enough of them.

  • Camron Mills:

    This is my first year growing anything, but looking forward to planting some beetroot!!

  • LeeK:

    Definitely Courgettes – They never fail!
    They grow really quickly and reward you with plenty of fruits – and then just when you are starting to get inundated with them they wither away leaving the veg patch space available for something that can last throughout the winter.

  • Vikki:

    I loved growing things with my foster mum when I was younger, and now it’s my turn to teach my daughter. She loves being out in out little garden.

    I would love to win this competition so we have can have hours more fun growing and learning :)

    We don’t mind what we would win if we did. I’d just love the opportunity to share with my daughter.

  • Vasile:

    I love Tomato tigerella

  • Lee Barnes:

    mange tout and peas are best. they never make it to the kitchen !

  • Eleanor Ryall:

    Tomatoes are my favourite. Oh…YAWN…I hear you say! There is now such a wonderful choice of heritage/specialist varieties available that you are never short of a new one to try. Some great, some not so great but always something different to look forward to.

  • Phillip:

    My favourite seeds to grow are cucumbers the lemon apple kind so juicy and has to be a close second also courgeattes good luck to all

  • Peter Bradley:

    Tomatillos for Salsa Verde

  • graham bassett:

    Kelsea Onions

  • Ann P:

    Well it has to be tomatoes – the great variety of colours and shapes – I’m trying the Gigantomo this year just for a laugh – the claim is it’ll feed a family! But I’m also into chillies and peppers – and the other newbie for this year is the Peter Pepper (acquired seed from a swap) – that’s the polite name for it! I shall be placing a pot proudly by my front door and hope to shock each and every visitor who ‘dares’ to knock the door! I shall also make sure they get a good look once the fruit has set by taking my time to answer the door.

  • Avril Smith:

    Cucumbers. They taste so much better than shop-bought.

  • James Allan:

    I would love to grow some root vegetables.
    I have enjoyed growing Pak Choi.

  • john hounsham:

    broad beans. lovely.

  • Ray:

    Definitely runner beans. Yum!

  • Peter:

    Runner beans I eat them raw when young then steamed on bread and butter, then of course for every meal. I freeze as many ad I can so I can enjoy them throughout the year. I usually put out around 120 plants out that I grow in my greenhouse, to stop mice and rabbits eating them before me

  • Luke:

    You can’t beat growing chillis!

    It takes so long but you can end up with the truly weird and wonderful to use in so many ways throughout the year.

  • Andrea A:


  • Maralin Hartland:

    Lettuce especially Webbs Wonderful they are indeed WONDERFUL

  • Natale Azzopardi:

    All kind of hot chillies

  • Lisa Dovey:

    I do love growing squash and this year ihave bought some new ones to try.

  • penny:

    kohlrabi – easy, fast growing and unusual. A really versatile vegetable.

  • Maureen:

    I love growing pumpkins with my granddaughters

  • ariana:

    Nothing beats asparagus – the taste of lush luxury every season is well worth the 3-year wait at the start!

  • Roy MacDonald:

    I think salad mix is a good pack to begin gardening with or strawberries as the fruit can be sampled straight away.

  • Ben Martin:

    most defiantly pea’s, the kids love picking them.

  • bernadette patrick:

    has to be my familys fav SPROUTS

  • Carole Sharp:

    Tomatoes, picked warm from the sun and eaten immediately. You have to grow your own to experience the flavour, aroma and sheer pleasure of a fresh tomato. Love them all :)

  • julia:

    I love growing courgettes, especially yellow ones if picked when small they are so sweet they can be eaten raw or cooked lightly in a stir fry.

  • Janet:

    Definitely winter squash. Cannot get enough of them.

  • mark:

    I love tomatoes, brought ones just don’t come close.

  • Neil faulkner:

    love all our vegetables from seed because it’s magical.

  • Dave Lunn:

    Many veg plants to choose from but I must always grow Tomato ‘Gardeners Delight’ & plenty of them for freezing purposes!

  • Phil griffin:

    Don’t have a favourite just love all seeds.

  • Avril:

    Got to be courgettes for me 10 plants last year green and yellow corvettes had so many I froze loads and gave loads away to friends Thanks for your fantastic prices by the way

  • Lorii:

    Tomatillos… half tomato half lime… and really, really nice to eat sliced or make chutney/salsa with. Plant looks really pretty too with papery covered fruit :)

  • Julie:

    Scarlet Emperor runner beans, with peas coming a very close second.

  • Tracey Wood:

    Peas……… lots of them!!!!!

  • Charlie:


  • Jess B:

    Minipop Sweetcorn – it’s like growing sweets. Half the sweet and juicy baby cobs don’t make it into the bag home from my allotment. The are just so irresistible to munch on. The guilt is lower than cake and they count as one of five a day. They are also easy to grow and don’t seem to get attacked by the bugs and diseases which take th shine off growing many things.

  • Pauline:

    I love to grow runner beans.

  • Ian:

    Beetroot both for roasting and pickling..

  • Ian:


  • Sabrina:

    I love the yellow courgettes 😀

  • Gordon:

    Sprout Crispus, harvest for so long, with superb taste

  • James lewis:

    spring onions – tasty and take up very little space

  • owen evans:

    tomatoes,their are lot.

  • Florence morris:

    My favourite seed to grow are beetroot. Cylindrical type are most tolerant of my haphappy ways of gardening. I plant them, the rain waters them. With delight I see them start to come up then forget them amongst the ramble of other plants that need my attention more.

    It seems they prefer to grow without me watching them. Suddenly their purple green leaves are being uplifted on 10 -inch purple tubers. A wonderful surprise with equally matching texture and flavour. I’m finding more recipes to use each year with this veg. Beetroot with horse relish is good. Or Grated beetroot with 1/2 lemon. Sprinkle of curry powder, a little sugar all stirred together in a hot pan for 5 mins then lid on to gently cook for 15 mins. Serve hot or cold with almost anything. Try sausages.

    To store: lift at end of Aug. Twist of growing top and pack tightly together in a trench containing cheap shop bought compost. Cover over by one inch to protect against frost. Dig out at any time all winter long for constant winter root veg. Xxx

  • Dennis Humphreys:

    Hamburg parsley, masses of parsley leaves followed by parsnip type roots that are very tasty when roasted

  • Susan Duffy:

    Has to be tomatoes. I had a glut of unripe tomatoes at the end of last years growing season so I made green tomato chutney! Delicious with cheese at christmas and beyond. Yummy.

  • Malcolm Bruce:

    Leeks everytime. Start in January then eat them through to April.

  • Les:

    Love runner beans ,good to grow and you are picking them forever.Also trouble free.

  • barrie pole:

    french dwarf beans because i love their taste

  • Liz:

    SWEETCORN – From plant to plate in just a few minutes and always requested at family barbecues. The taste is exquisite and bears no resemblance to ones bought at a shop. Runner beans come a close second. But I do love my tomatoes… and chillies…and I couldn’t manage without courgettes…
    Here’s a toast to ALL our home grown veg and the lovely people who grow them.

  • Therese Ward:

    Sunrise tomatoes ( when I can find the seeds ) very tasty & crisp fruit.Great for salads & Cooking & Freezing & chutneys.Yummmy!!! .

  • Eddie:

    Just love growing tomatoes, nothing beats the flavour of home grown!!!

  • Hesther Clark:

    Purple sprouting broccoli just love the taste when freshly picked steamed and an unhealthy amount of butter and black pepper ohhhh yuuuuummmm

  • Ken:

    Only have a small garden, so my favourite(s) are salads. Nothing better that just popping out to the garden for super fresh salads for tea in the summer.

  • Sarah Spencer Futter:

    Groans – 1 seed? Only one? Is it tomatoes? All the different colours, sizes, shapes and flavours? Or sweetcorn? Peeling back the husk to see beautiful rows of sunshine yellow kernals?…Oh go on – Tomatoes!!!

  • Daniel Petrie:

    chillies!! of all heats, but ESP the hotter strains!

  • kerry:

    butternut squash

  • Chris 11:

    Chillies. Such an amazing variety of colours, pod shapes, tastes and heat levels.
    Could also make a strong case for tomatoes and courgettes, but chillies have to be my first choice. And what you can grow from seed will be better than anything you are ever likely to buy in a supermarket.

  • CHRIS:

    Blue Lake Climbing French beans. The beans take up little space, they crop abundantly and keep fresh and succulent for a long time.

  • Alwyn Taylor:

    Without a doubt the most successful last year veg for us was the Chioggia beetroot. The baby beet boiled , peeled and roasted were a culinary delight .The white ringed mature beet won a prize for pickles at the allotment sbow. For us the humble beetroot
    took top spot

  • colin grant:

    My favourite seeds are courgettes and runner beans.

  • Paulo:

    easy peas@sy for Me

  • Tom:

    Tomatoes- beat shop bought one for flavour every time.

  • barry irwin:

    all organic salads, great to share with the neighbours

  • angie:

    Runner beans. Love them young and tender and leave half on the vines to grow large seeds which I dry. Keeps us in beans all year :-)

  • Matt:

    Russian Black Tomatoes. Full of flavour, with a thin skin…..nice !

  • Craig:

    Tomatoes all the way!

  • Chris Parkman:

    Had my allotment late last year but still had sugar peas rainbow carrots dwarf French beans just to name a few with great results roll on this year thanks guys your seeds have been great.

  • Crystal:

    my favourite is round courgettes – they make me smile as well as being very productive. They are great cut into wedges & steamed & also stuffed and baked. When there’s a real glut they make good chutney.

  • Paul Nicholson:

    I really like the black cherry tomato, every seed came up and I had loads spare to give to friend and also so put some on Freecycle.

  • Garry Doylei:

    garlic because it’s hard to grow from seed so most grow from a clove

  • Mike Holden:

    My favourite vegetable to grow from seed is runner bean – Scarlet Emperor.

  • Dave L:

    Crown Prince squash.

  • anne:

    Chillis because they can be added to any dish are lovely and fresh tasting when raw and green, and sweet and spicy when red. Full of vitamin A,B,C and E; PLUS minerals.
    They also grow quickly and produce prolifically. Added to rainbow chard another favourite – delicious!

  • Jade Taylor:

    I get the most satisfaction from growing Aubergines from seed as they are SO difficult, my biggest variety I buy is tomatoes, just so many varieties to choose between so I buy them all. And then glut is dwarf french beans!!

  • Declan Hughes:

    carrots because you can’t really see how good there doing till its time to pull them up and there’s loads of different types and colours from the tiniest seeds.

  • jillian:

    Tomatoe so many uses .

  • sammy:

    cape gooseberry ,delicate sweet fruit followed by tiny delicate little lanterns

  • Ash:

    Has to be parsnips couldnt grow much else and this year just gone bought some for a laugh. Came out with kilos of them! luckily the family love them!

  • carol:

    We love to grow parsnips. Great with the Sunday roast.

  • David I Phillips:

    Without doubt my favourite veg (fruit) is Black Krim.This big beefy tomato is so easy to grow and the flavour is out of this world. Delicious with everything and perfect just to pull of the vine and eat

  • Samantha yarwood:

    The sprout! Kids call them baby cabbages x

  • Helen Howe:

    I just love growing anything from seed; but if I had to choose only one it would be broad beans. Harvesting them young and straight into the pot is unbeatable. I would never buy them from a shop as they don’t taste so good as when they are freshly picked.
    I like to try something new every year. This year it is Black Russian tomatoes. Last year it was pumpkin and very successful so I am growing more this year.

  • Neil hollington:


  • Michelle:

    I love spinach such a versatile plant and soooo good for you.

  • Greta Bookham:

    Love growing tomatoes and runner beans.

  • LisaC:

    Now that’s a funny thing that you have chosen a cartoon tomato for this post as that’s my favourite to grow!
    I have to admit that I’m an impatient gardener so I’m always pleased at just how quickly tomatoes germinate. Once potted on they go great guns.
    I usually choose varieties which grow well outside. I put them in large pots up against the house where they can bask in the afternoon sun.
    There’s nothing like a homegrown tomato for flavour – they are superb just-picked.

  • Graham Eaves:

    Absolutely first rate seeds from a well trusted seed merchants.
    I cannot speak highly enough for this company. My specialty are tomatoes – I grow a lot of tomatoes, and after using Seed parade seeds, I have never had a failure, with 100% on every seed sown. First class service, buy with total confidence from this company.
    Graham Eaves.

  • dean thomas:


  • Ian Hancock:

    currant tomatoes

  • Alan Gordon:

    Tomatoes are my favourite vegetable to grow from seed

  • Wellington Nyakuridyisa:

    African horned cucumbers

  • Gill Mason:

    Runner beans. I never buy them as they just don’t compare to home grown.

  • Sue Taylor:

    Runner beans win every time!

  • Diane Humble:

    Tomatoes,fresh grown and tasty,cant be beaten.Followed by melons for same reason.

  • alexandra:

    Tomatoes-if they count as a vegetable? Re:fruits classification 😉 I’m a novice so haven’t actually grown much else.

  • Sarah UpTheGarden:

    Cucamelons…easy to grow and a great greenhouse treat! They never make it to the kitchen!

  • maaike uijthoven:

    i grow everything fromseed, where possible ofcourse, and you may or may not know I love growing chillies, all of them!

  • Agnes:

    I love the cucamelon. Grows so fast and it us beautiful. And all the chillies are amazing too.

  • Carol:

    I love growing chillies, they are so diverse and challenge us to ‘take a bite if you dare!’ Seed Parade chilli seeds have never let us down.

  • pat:

    small spicy peppery white turnips

  • Carol B:

    Love growing sweetcorn :)

  • Carolyn:

    Broad beans ,so versatile, so tasty hot or cold

  • Dennis:

    It has to be leeks.Such a nourishing vegetable,rich in iron,and easy to blanche and freeze for soups throughout the year.Also lovely fried in a bit of butter.

  • sue capeling:

    peas and dwarf green beans

  • Chris Edwards:

    Cucumber F1 Femspot..started to grow these 3 years ago, great got my dad on to them..big cues !!

  • Kirsty Holden:

    Cucumber. They germinate easily and you get a steady supply all summer.

  • Ivan:

    First and formost tomatoes, mostly cherry varieties like Sungold F1 for the grandchildren (and our grown-up kids) which has made us very popular and heirlooms for the grown-ups. Runner and dwarf beans makes our summer staple and, and the chills for me!

  • Gill Beechey:

    Climbing Spinach – not true spinach but tastes and cooks like it and you just keep picking it and eating it.

  • Sophia Stevens:

    Gardener’s delight tomatoes :)

  • John Taylor:

    My favourite tomatoes, I like to grow about 7 or 8 different varieties, mainly mainly heritage types, which usually have all different flavours.

  • Jenny parara:

    absolutely love growing potatoes. the crisp from last year were amazing and the children from the school that I teach at really enjoyed cooking with the potatoes we dug up yum!!

  • anne corbett:

    Peas to eat straight from the pod, seldom make it home from my plot!

  • Tom Kestrel:

    Carrots are my favourite veg to grow. So very tasty compared to what I can buy in the shop. I just sow them and forget about them until they are big enough to be on the menu.

  • Edgar Decelis:

    I love growing courgettes.They grow so quickly and can be served with any dish.

  • Carl Highton:

    All types of tomatoes

  • Ann Monks:

    Courgettes – versatile, colourful and easy to grow.

  • Leigh:

    The most rewarding for me are the chillies.

  • M Hubball:

    I just love peas of any sort. Eat them raw, cooked, frozen. Always a great flavour – healthy too.

  • Malcolm:

    I love growing toms fresh toms all summer you can’t beat it

  • david mander:

    mine would be parsnip as its versatile and once was used like the common spud it grows from a tiny seed into something amazing ,roasted,boiled pureed,chips mashed and more yummy.

  • Nicola Terry:

    I love growing squashes, in particular butternut.


    Tomatoes..especially the yellow pear ones..they are really nice and trying new varieties

  • jeff:


  • Nigel b:


  • richard biddle:

    cucumbers nice and easy to grow, and the kids love picking them off the plant and eating them straight away

  • Margaret Dickens:

    My favourite is Tomatoes especially the cherry ones,

  • Karl:

    Predictable but got to be tomatoes. So many different varieties and lots back for very little effort.

  • Mandy:

    carrots – grew them for the first time last year & the Nantes carrots were such a pleasure to grow & the neighbours kids absolutely loved watching them grow & then harvesting them, so will definitely be growing them again this year (they grow so well in pots which is wonderful as my whole rooftop garden is in pots)

  • Ellen:

    Pumpkin keep trying to grow one bigger each year.

  • Valerie:

    Broad Beans

  • Nicholas Timms:

    Butternut squash is my favourite vegetable.

  • Feralis:

    I adore sweetpeas. Like many others I associate them with my childhood. Their scent is totally unique and unmistakable. I love how they climb up and dazzle with their pretty flowers.
    My favourite Sumner flower!

  • william walley:

    I love to grow marrows to see how big I can grow one

  • Jayne Mosedale:

    Beans in all varieties. Broad beans lightly steamed and served with butter melting over them. Ooh can’t wait. My beans are in pots already in the greenhouse.

  • Mette:

    Pumpkins :0) With peas, carrot, runner beans and corn on a close second place :o)

  • Julia Robinson:

    courgette particularly the golden varieties

  • Cecilia Morrison:

    Rainbow Chard, they taste wonderful and look so colourful when they are growing

  • bern:

    black cherry tomatoes, you can’t buy them in the supermarket and they have the most amazing flavour, plus they look awesome!!

  • Tracy Fitzgerald:

    sweetcorn – supersweet

  • tony olliver:

    Green Beans are so healthy

  • chris:

    peas and Butternut squash

  • Bren:

    Cucumber. I like the slightly alien quality they have before maturing

  • Jen:

    Peas – I never quite manage to get mine to the cooking pot they get eaten straight from the pod

  • Hayley ward:

    has to be dwarf beans, they taste even better knowing you have grown them from sead

  • Hannah Duckett:

    runner beans!!

  • Charles:

    I love to grow pumpkins and squashes.

  • mylene chiron:

    Cherry tomatoes are my daughter’s best

  • Arja:


  • Adrian Bonnington:

    I buy a lot of seeds from Seed Parade but mainly gifts for my Dad as I live in a flat. We find we have had most sucess with the red and black tomatoes and these look good in a salad. You also do some very good chillis that are very hot. Most of the tomatoes my dad puts in his green house but the excess plants are put on his allotment or sold at car boot sales. We have not had too much look growing the large pepper plants.

  • paul:

    Sweet corn are the best to grow and wait for the lovely juice cobs to grow to smother in butter

  • Paul Ridgeway-Le-Gresley:

    tomato tomato tomato tomatoes

  • Toni Kerrigan:

    Mine would have to be Strawberries :) , this year my childrens school has asked me to go in and learn the little ones on how to grow fruit and veg so these seeds would be exellent to take in for them all xxx good luck everyone :))

  • ronnie:

    Tomatoes and chillis for me

  • Christina Smith:

    Salad leaves, the many colours, flavours and textures can’t beat them. I also like to grow squashes, such a large variety to choose from.

  • Michael:

    Got to be big max pumpkins you don’t get much more from a seed!

  • Ceda Lawrence:

    I love growing courgettes from seed – such abundance from each little seed: miraculous!

  • Alastair:

    Got to be tomatoes. Tried some black cherry and sungold from seed parade last year that were excellent.

  • Hilary:

    Tomatoes of course! Especially tiny plum variety.

  • Stephen latchford:

    Sunflowers, nothing gives such a huge impact on a bright sunny summers day

  • Caroline Lambert:

    Purple carrots! Great as a vegetable,grated in coleslaw or crunchy sticks for the kids!

  • Pete:

    Kale – such a versatile crop. Can eat the young leaves in salads, then steam, or deep fry in a tempura batter. Red Russian is the best variety..

  • Dave B:

    Crown Prince squash – really simple and masses of tasty squash!

  • Gavin:

    Sweet pepper seeds – bought 2 packs

  • Glyn Jones:

    I love to grow runner beans

  • kittikate:

    Love your seeds and the variety you have but my fav that’s simple, no hesitation it has to green beans – perfect and taste so much better from the garden, yum!!

  • Sally:

    Tomato’s, can’t have too many. Closely followed by cauliflower, I always feel I’ve achieved something when caulies are a success.

  • Lesley:

    Sweet corn, such a majestic plant.

  • Russell G:

    Butternut squash – love the taste.

  • Matt Noakes:

    Can’t beat cabbages carrots tomatoes and the chillies

  • John I:

    Dwarf climbing french beans

  • Sara Jones:

    My favourite to grow from seed would be beetroot, closely followed by climbing french beans

  • david:


  • terry:

    Runner beans

  • terry:

    quickly followed by broad beans very close 2nd

  • Nicola Robson:

    Courgettes, great crop and value

  • Maureen:

    Cucumelon is my favourite vegetable to grow, great for salad.

  • James Dean:

    Mine and the family’s favourite has to be Courgette All Green Bush as everyone has their own seeds to plant and label and the competition is hilarious. They are also utterly delicious and we each have our favourite recipes for them!!

  • Tanja:


  • Lorrentine:

    I enjoyed growing beef tomatoes

  • nickie:

    I tried chillies for the first time last year with great success. I hope to beat my 6 varieties and go for 12 this year

  • Gillian Hart:

    Tomatoes are my favourite, there are so many varieties, I am growing six this year, all for a different use. I enjoy the challenge of producing a large crop of healthy plants, in the greenhouse and outside.

  • Lynn:

    I love growing runner beans you can almost see them growing up the poles. When my children were young we used to put markers on the poles to see how much the beans had grown in a day.

  • barry tunnicliff:

    My favourite seeds to grow are heritage tomatoes which I have now grown for three years, also I grow as many runner beans as I can in my garden for freezing so I have summer in winter. This year I have planted 48 heritage tomato seeds and am hoping for the same response as last year I ate my own tomatoes from July until November.

  • Sophie Ball:

    I like growing courgettes from seed, as they get so big and give loads of fruit! :)

  • Vicky:

    Purple Haze Carrots 😀

  • Debs:

    Tomatoes. lovely to see that leggy little seedling grow into a robust strong healthy plant. I grow at least 6 varieties every year and only have a polythene green house currency

  • Derek Austin:

    Trombocino Courgettes are the most fun veg to grow , the strangest shapes and freeze well in chunks for autumn winter stews etc.

  • Rikke Boel Olesen:

    Since I was a child I have loved peas. The delight of getting to raid the pea plants for their pods and then munching peas with friends in a nice, sunny spot – ultimate childhood gardening memory :-)
    So I would have to say peas – I still love them.

  • David Mutch:

    Peas must be most fun to grow. I try and defend my peas every year from my family who try to raid them and eat them in the garden before I have had a chance to pick them and freeze them.

  • chrispi:

    I love growing anything, to see something like a tiny seed grow into a huge plant is a miracle. my favourite to grow is tomatoes, black krim is good and san marzano is excellent for freezing. this year so far I have set 36 different varieties!!!

  • Sarah Prescott:

    Has to be cherry tomatoes. My daughter lives watching them grow

  • Carole Gregory:

    Has to be broad beans yummy

  • Carole Gregory:

    Broad beans yummy

  • mike walsh:

    Tomato. as many different kinds as possible. ground, greenhouse, tubs, trays, baskets and grow bags! can’t beat seed parade for price and selection and service.

  • Pamela:

    Cucumbers – shop bought Cucumbers are tasteless yet at the same time, bitter !

  • Kolpona Begum:

    I love cucumbers. they are easy to grow and I use them in my salad every day,

  • tony thorpe:

    giant onions.

  • dawn perrott:

    Its got to be cabbages..doesnt matter how careful i am with the seeds we always grow way too many and give the extra ones to neighbours and friends

  • Lesley:

    Sweetcorn they are juicy and delicious yum yum

  • alison D'arcy:

    cucumber yummy

  • Emily:

    I love Courgettes….

  • Des Humphrey:

    Deffo petit pois mmmmmm

  • Anna:

    BUTTERNUT Squash it is a strong fast growing ground cover plant that not only looks good in stops the sun from drying out the soil protecting the roots of other plants and veg and grows around veg and plants so takes up space that would other wise be wasted. lots of nice green leaves my last one grew 14ft in length and five fruits

  • barry rogers:

    Runner beans

  • Vivien:

    Carrots are absolutely the best vegetable grown from seed. Not only are the easy to grow but taste so much better when pulled fresh from the garden. Unbeatable!

  • DEenise:

    got to be pumpkin seeing my grand-childrens faces as the sizes of the pumpkins get bigger in time for Halloween is such a treat.

  • Helen:

    I love to grow lots of different things as my kids like to try lots of new things. But my favourite for me is boltardy beetroot.

  • Derek:

    Pumpkins! The kids love em at Halloween and they make great soup.

  • Andy McAulay:

    Has to be Courgette One Ball for me. So easy to grow from seed and gives a fantastic supply of tasty veg week after week after week.

  • monica:

    love all the seeds such great value for money. love the purple sprouting broccoli

  • Lene Noer:

    Ny favorites Are artichokes, carrots, selleri, squash, cucumber, green peas and running beans

  • Pete Evans:

    My favourite veg to grow from seed are cabbages….spring, red and savoy. I always seem to get a good crop and, of course, they all taste great, Also, they can be available almost all year round

  • Richard Jones:

    My favourite is the carrot long, short, fat or thin there all great.

  • monica jennings:

    only organic tomatos

  • janice dorrington:

    my favourite seed to grow are apple/lemon cucumbers..tasty & prolific.mmmmmm

  • Suzie Blades:

    I grow peas and runner beans every year but they never get to the plate….because I munch on them the minute they look edible – I even go to my elderly parents house and munch out on theirs… bad behaviour from a Grandma especially when Great Grandma tells me off like one of the kids :)

  • Della:

    I love Courgettes, Kale and Spaghetti Squash. So easy to grow and the squash served with butter, garlic and Italian cheese, wow gorgeous. If you have not tried it you don’t know what you are missing.

  • Richard Dabrowa:

    Tomato,cucumber,letice and spring onion make the best salads.

  • paul lefevre:

    Black Krim tomatoes and Chocolate Habanero you don’t find these for sale in food shops but both are delicious to eat

  • Richard Price:

    Courgettes for thier succulent appearance as they sprout and thier abundant fruiting, early broad beans for thier vigorous growth and delicious taste when boiled.

  • Jo:

    My favourite vegetable is mixed peppers or very hot jamaican chillies to grow from seeds

  • Debbie:

    the cucumelons , easy to grow and the kids loved them.

  • Helen:

    Cucumbers are the best and beefsteak tomatoes!

  • Stephen Gibson:

    My favourite seed to grow is cucumbers I am amazed by how many you can grow from one seed

  • Jo:

    I would tho like to try my hands on red savoy cabbage and citrus fruits what about sweet smelling lavender,mints scented herbs in general….

  • Helen Gooding:

    Love climbing french beans and runner beans – easy to grow up wigwams and yum!

  • Ray Palmer:

    Cherry tomatoes are great.

  • Carolyn:

    It took years before I discovered that you could eat pea shoots before the plant produced peas, so for me this is my favourite vegetable to grow as it’s extremely quick to grow, is very good for you, tastes superb and my birds and guinea pigs love it as much as I do.

  • BRIAN:


  • Mick Jewell:

    tomatoes are my favourite small but very sweet.

  • Petra aAubert:

    Beetroot, absolutely love them and they are so easy.

  • Jill Swindells:

    My fav veg is runner bean, full of vitamins and goodness.

  • Sharon H:

    Sweet peppers and sweet peas – I love the gorgeous smell of the sweet pea flowers.

  • Roland Wallace:

    Pumpkins. Always a surprise!

  • lynda:

    Lettuce tomatoes cucumber

  • Tony s:

    Asparagus from seed this year

  • Sam Weldon:

    Your Pea Oregon sugar pods are a definite winner in my house. Perfect for stir fry. Have started ordering from seed parade after several recommendations from my green fingered friends. Very impressed so far and would love to try out some new greens!

  • Sarah b:

    runner beans they look really pretty in the garden and taste great too also good for creating privacy from your neighbours!!!

  • Eva Andersen:

    Gardening in the Faroes is a CHALLENGE…salad Freckles…great outdoor, and basils great in window

  • Eva Andersen:

    Gardening in The Faroes ….a challenge……salad “Freckles” great outdoor….varieties of basil and cherry tomatoes inntge window sills…
    Service, price and quality from Seedparade very good..

  • Les:

    French beans

  • Jo Jenner:

    Tomatoes and lots of them! My favourite variety is sungold. Yum yum.

  • Wendy Rose:

    So many to chose from so i will have to go with beetroot yum yum xxx but i would like to try snake beans. Xxx

  • Darryl M:

    Purple podded peas

  • Chris H:

    Has to be courgettes but really too many excellent vegetables come a close second.

  • James Kiddle:

    I love to grow anything and everything but my favourite vegetable has to be tomatoes. The reason being that there are so many varieties and they are so versatile and useful in the kitchen you can do so much with them and they are great to eat straight out of the garden or green house when you are doing your weeding or watering.

  • Nicola Garnham:

    Chillies of course, so many varieties I can grow lots of different ones each year

  • David Coupland:

    chillis and peppers, such diverse healthy vegetables in many shapes, sizes and colours. take some tlc to start to germinate but so so rewarding when growing

  • demi:

    I love growing favorite along with lettuce

  • Steve turner:


  • Mark Woodward:

    Swiss chard without a doubt. Brilliant as a cut and come again crop and lasts must longer than similar crops

  • Hannah wilkinson:

    I love growing all types of tomatoes from seed :)

  • Robin:

    parsnips. Bit tricky to get going, but worth the wait!

  • Glynis MacDonald:

    I like to grow courgettes easy to grow and amazing flowers.

  • sándor:

    lately I fell in love with purple vegetables… I have ordered several kinds of vegs from you, arrived in safe, hope best germation.
    Sándor from Hungary

  • Dad and son:

    Courgette my 5 year old son George cannot believe how fast and big they grow they are dinosaurs.

  • David Fosberry:

    Lettuce is definitely my favourite, there are so many varieties. I quite happily eat a lettuce sandwich for breakfasts–with just a pinch of salt and pepper

  • Cathy Davies:

    It has to be chilis & tomatoes. Very rewarding, and I love preserving them by making a variety of sauces & chutneys, and also dry load’s of chillis for use in cooking and making infused oils.These home made items are great as Xmas gift too.

  • Emma:

    Chilli peppers, the more the merrier ☺

  • Kirsten J:

    Peas of course

  • Fiona McQueen:

    Very hard to choose. First of all I thought it’s got to be tomatoes, lovely ripe, sweet tomatoes straight of the vine and into your mouth. Then I thought, no, peas. So sweet just out of the pod. Runner beans? No courgette, weaving their way through your garden. Sunflowers growing so straight and tall. Perhaps. Then it came to me. SWEET PEA. Lovely flowers climbing up the trellis, when you cut a bunch the beautiful scent that fills the living room. Mm mm. Lovely.

  • ailsa barber:

    Fancy lettuce is really good, leeks, peas and beans are all good. Tomatoes are always a challenge!

  • john morton:

    chilli plants

  • Julie Gibbon:

    Borlotti beans are my favourite great both fresh and can be dried for delicious winter chilli

  • Soo Thomas:

    I have grown many different types of tomato, but the black cherry tomatoes have to be my absolute favourite. They have THE best flavour of any tomato I have known, and are prolific! I gave lots away to friends and family, who couldn’t get enough of them! So yes, my vote goes to the gorgeously flavoured fruit, and my advice is to grow some, you won’t be disappointed!!

  • Adam:

    Got to be Chillies for me, The hotter the better!

  • gary:

    nice crunchy carrot

  • Michelle:

    Tomatoes are my favourite, I grow several varieties every year but the best crops have been from the Micro and Red Robin Tomatoes, lovely sweet cherry tomatoes ideal for salads or just eating straight from the plant.

  • Maggie:

    My favourite vegetable to grow from seed are potatoes,tomatoes :)

  • alan saunders:

    just got to be chillis

  • Skinbags:

    Chillis there are many varities they dont all blow your head off,they make a great window sill/patio plant and you can pickle,infuse,dry,freeze or just eat them.

  • Margaret Brown:

    Climbing bean ‘Purple Lake’. I grow these up wigwams in wooden half-barrels. Planted with Cosmos (white and red shades) and French Marigold ‘Marguerite’ to attract the pollinators. Colourful on a patio and sweet peas may be added for perfume.

  • Lajos Szabo:

    Thanks for all the comments, our winner is Fiona McQueen, please send your address to sales @ THANKS

  • chris Martlew:

    my favourite seeds to grow from seeds are tomatoes because of all the different varieties. my favourites are orange paruche f1.

  • Cheryl Shepperd:

    Atlantic Giant Pumpkins, I’ve grown them bigger than my children!

  • Alex Lawrie:


  • Kevin Sutton:

    chillies. growing from seed gives me the chance to really enjoy the contrasting flavours of the many types on offer. 6 types in my heat box right now

  • Julie sheehan:

    tomatoes…so many varieties

  • diane:

    different colours of tomatoes they make a fantastic starter with mozzarella cheese

  • Emma Critchley:

    Carrots – multi purpose veg, good for the dog, hamster family

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