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Win this new book and 30 packets of randomly picked seeds from our shop. Competition ends 10/05/2014. Enter by commenting below, let us know what is your favourite veg to use in the kitchen.

by Cinead McTernan
Photography by Jason Ingram
Foreword by Raymond Blanc
May 2014
Hardback | £20.00
Published by Frances Lincoln

Kitchen Garden Experts features the chefs and gardeners at twenty of the UK’s most exciting restaurants, hotels, pubs and cafés, focusing on how they produce the best fruit and vegetables to appear on their menus. With this book you can:

• Explore the kitchens and gardens of twenty celebrated chefs, from Terence Conran and Raymond Blanc to River Cottage and L’Enclume;
• Gain extraordinary access to 20 recipe books and 40 signature dishes;
• Discover key ingredients and special growing methods that help these chefs win awards for excellence;
• Follow the simple steps from plot to plate, learning new growing skills;

25 Responses to “Win the new Kitchen Garden Experts book and Seeds”

  • Jocelyn:

    I love all veg… but my favourite to use in the kitchen is the gorgeously coloured beetroot!

  • Simon Jones:

    My favourite veg to use in the kitchen is the courgette. I use it in salads, stir fries, curries, pasta bakes and in chutneys.

  • melanie stirling:

    I love any vegetables but I really love purple sprouting.

  • Klara:

    It’s impossible to choose only on! Last year I used a lot the aubergine, all kind of aubergines – the Clara bought from seedparade was great! And courgette. And a new discovery for a great salad bowl: nasturtium.

  • Lara:

    I love to use coriander and spinach the most. And I love a good spanish onion!

  • Miriam:

    My favourite veg in the kitchen is carrots. they can be used raw in salads, grated into sandwiches with cheese, eaten as a snack, cooked as a normal veg, stir fried and are the vital ingredient for carrot cake

  • Kirsty Nisbet:

    Various squash – love to try out new varieties for taste/texture.

  • Angela Horne:

    Favourite has to be curly kale yummy !!!

  • Sarah Dennis:

    I like using Onions in most dishes

  • gill colling:

    I love onions, great for giving flavour to so many dishes, also lovely boiled as a veg or raw in salads and sandwiches.

  • Linda Revell:

    My favourite are onions because they get used in so many different ways!

  • Fiona Docwra:

    Love anything homegrown but favourite has to be roasted gold nugget squash!

  • Nick Mackie:

    At the moment it has to be home grown asparagus.

  • Lorraine Forsyth:

    My favourite veg is the potato,can be cooked in many different ways :-)

  • Wendy Shillam:

    You can’t beat home grown radishes served with French bread and butter and a sprinkling of sea salt. The taste of summer! My favourite is the French heirloom variety Rond rose à bout blanc 2.

  • Debs:

    I have a special affection for fresh peas straight from the garden! They are so pretty to grow and there’s something wonderful about sitting down and popping the shells (reminds me of my grandmother I think), and they are beautifully fragrant just at that moment. Impossible not to eat a few :)
    Delicious raw in salads and surprisingly versatile cooked, everything from soups to curries!

  • Debs:

    why has my post been removed?

  • Mark:

    I thought about this quiet a lot and the one item i grow all year round and use in almost any dish i make has to be the ever faithful Spring Onion. Winter soups or summer salads, Quiche, stir fry or even curry the humble Spring Onion always has a place in any dish.

  • Sue Larisch:

    It has got to be Tomatoes….how I love them, from the smell of the first true leaf after sowing them to the first ripe tom on a warm summer’s day. It doesn’t matter what colour although I prefer Heirloom varieties. I make loads of salads in the summer months and freeze litres of sauces for the winter time. Wonderful.

  • frances hopkins:

    I Love using herbs, can transform any meal

  • Prerna Gupta:

    My favorite vegetable is spinach..very healthy and can be used in a number of dishes and lovely color too!

  • Kai:

    Definately tomatoes. Balcony and greenhouse is full of them.
    ps. It would be great if you could add “Indigo Rose” seeds to your store.

  • Louise Lumsden:

    onions because they add flavour and depth to so many dishes

  • Alex:

    My favourite vegetable is the potato; many varieties, and can be baked, boiled, chipped and roast.

  • elizabeth leigh:

    Who could do without the humble onion?

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