21st – 27th December 2014 on Plot 44

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Hello and welcome back to Plot 44 . This week began with the Winter Solstice combined with the Christmas celebrations and as I write this there is snow all around making any groundwork pointless today. I hope everyone reading this has had a happy and peaceful Christmas . My last visit to the allotment was on Christmas Eve and that was merely a case of emptying the kitchen caddy that was filled with vegetable peelings in to the compost bin and to harvest some spinach .

I have a total of five compost bins on the allotment . Two of those Dalek style compost bins , black plastic domestic bin that I use to put weeds in , a black plastic clip together ‘flat pack’ bin and a home made rotating compost bin . Up until recently we were allowed to burn garden waste on our allotment plots but because a few plot holders abused this and started burning all sorts including plastics the rules were changed and now this year I seem to have more compostable garden than I have space in my compost bins . I did notice on my last visit to the plot that it looks like a sizeable rodent has took up residency in one of the Dalek style compost bins which is a bit of a pain as I had been hoping to empty them this weekend . I tend to dig bean trenches to bury all the vegetation that has not decomposed  along with brown cardboard from Christmas presents . The rest of the compost is then distributed throughout the beds to hopefully improve the clay soil that I have on the plot.

A selection of my Christmas presents to keep me busy whilst stuck indoors.

Anyway , whilst the weather might not be suitable for gardening I can sit inside and start sorting out what seeds I still have and read some of the books I received  as Christmas presents to get a few new ideas. May I take this opportunity to thank you for reading/returning and to wish you and yours All The Best for the New Year , Paul


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