How not to look after your plot

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Today finally I had a little bit of time and the weather was okay too so did a bit of gardening. When you have to travel to get to your allotment it is not always easy to manage your plot. Going to work, get back home and then make dinner and spend some time with the kids hmm  when to garden?! How do you manage your time in the allotment?

If you garden at home of course it is much easier, I think anyway I have never tried that way. First time this year I am planning to have some herbs in the small garden that is all.

I am a very bad time manager, and too busy with hmm I don’t really know what with but definitely not sitting around watching  footy and drinking beer lol…  So believe it or not my greenhouse looked like this today

Last years cape gooseberry debris and some weeds, and all around the greenhouse weeds and weeds and more weeds. I tackled the problem and removed the rubbish and the tired soil and replaced it with new compost. Planted some peppers into their final position, to be honest they have been in the greenhouse for about three weeks now. I always start the peppers indoors quite early around middle of February. This year I decided not to grow Jalapeno, I do like it but it does not have too much heat and wanted to give more room to the habaneros.  I also managed to repot the tomatoes. I started them middle of March in the conservatory. They were desperate for bigger pots and more room now, so I moved them to the greenhouse straight away without hardening off. I found that tomatoes are quite hardy in the sense that after they reach a certain size you cannot really kill them, so I think they will be just fine even in the next few very cold nights.

Looks better doesn’t it?!

This weekend I will cut the grass and dig, dig and dig. It is so amazing what you can achieve in 2 days if the weather is nice and you really just go for it. Come on weeds I am up for an other fight this year! Oh gardening isn’t it beautiful ==>> keeps you fit and in the end you will eat (hopefully) the tastiest and healthiest fruits and veggies ever! Go out there this weekend, the weather forecast seems good, and sort your gardens and plots out!

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  • Liz Jacklin:

    Well done! I have always wanted on allotment but with 2 children I thought it may be hard to do the tasks that were needed. So, I split my garden in to two, One side are for my flowers which i have replaced this year (not much gardening been done over the past few years with my little angles been so young)not all but most of them, I also seem to have found a new liking to Climbing Roses -don’t know why just have. The other side of the garden I have leeks, parsnips, carrots, onions – red and white, spinach, peas and potatoes,Radish soon there will be pumpkins, sweetcorn and courgette’s, celeriac, and my hot patio sizzle Pepper’s. My strawberry’s are already flowering so hope this will be a good crop this year. I found a new (to me)strawberry plant called SNOW WHITE so I am looking forward to trying these.

    I love gardening, I feel at one with mother nature, I don’t think about any problems. I just do what is in front of me and i enjoy it.

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