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How not to look after your plot

Person Author: Lajos Szabo Calender May 11, 2012 Posted Tags: , , Comment 1 Comment

Today finally I had a little bit of time and the weather was okay too so did a bit of gardening. When you have to travel to get to your allotment it is not always easy to manage your plot. Going to work, get back home and then make dinner and spend some time with the kids hmm  when to garden?! How do you manage your time in the allotment? If you garden at home of course it is much easier, I think anyway I have never tried that way. First time this year I am planning to have some herbs in the small garden that is all. I am a very bad time manager, and too busy with hmm I don't really know what with but definitely not sitting around watching  footy and drinking beer lol...  So believe it or not my greenhouse looked like this today Last years cape gooseberry debris and some w

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