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Finally the outdoor tomatoes started to grow! Sometimes they do take quite a long time to get started outside, especially this year as the weather was really horrible and still is. The good thing is that I didn’t have to water the plants outside at all just feed them every 10 days or so. I started to give up on them as the wind battered them so much on my exposed plot that some lost almost all the foliage and the cold weather wasn’t helping either. So far the San Marzanos are doing best fruit wise, but their foliage isn’t looking great; the Lucciola F1 is growing mad and have 2 trusses of flowers so far; the black ones are doing okay but only with a few fruits on each truss and some of them got deformed, I blame the wind on that one for sure.

The carrots in my big pots germinated very quickly in the greenhouse and they will go outside somewhere safe as it is quite shady in there but will put hem back in to get the full benefit of the autumn sun. These are the Cosmic Purple, I like the coloured roots and I found that they are quite quick to grow, full size roots in about 100 days after germination hmm… wait and see or baby carrots it is in September or if the weather will be nicer a bit in the autumn they will go full size in the greenhouse.

So this all just shows that the whole season cannot be lost and we can have some fun along the way, learn new gardening techniques and adapt to the ever-changing climate. Get your compost and pots and sow some rocket, radish, some leaf veggies and herbs too!

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