The end of the Harvest Season

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As we near the end of Harvest season, what do we do with our plots, containers and gardens?

Plots: Now is the time for adding mulch, ground cover seeds or weed sheets. Some people even just turn their soil and leave their plots alone to let nature do its thing, although if you are not a daily visitor, then after the bad weather, it can very quickly turn into the day of the triffids on the plot!

Containers: All that spent soil needs emptied into the composter(s) and the pots cleaned thoroughly with jeyes and water, and stored ready for the Spring time!

Gardens: By now, your last lawn cut should of been done or about to be done depending on your geographical location. The bulbs have been sown for the spring time and everything has been harvested (fruit trees) and pruned.

canning_foods07Kitchen: Canning is the new ‘thing’ we have adopted from the States. With an abundance of harvest it seems the most logical thing to do. When you have piled high the pantry and vegetable racks of all your friends, filled the freezers of every family member, and left ‘gifts’ at the gate for the other plot holders, what do you do with the glut?

Canning is not something we have never done. In the war times the WIs learnt how to can into tins, now it is done in mason jars and boilers and the majority of foods can also be pickled! So, if your freezer is bursting at the seems with all the extra peas, beans and leeks that you will have to endure during the colder months, perhaps you could try your hand at canning?

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