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The end of the Harvest Season

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As we near the end of Harvest season, what do we do with our plots, containers and gardens? Plots: Now is the time for adding mulch, ground cover seeds or weed sheets. Some people even just turn their soil and leave their plots alone to let nature do its thing, although if you are not a daily visitor, then after the bad weather, it can very quickly turn into the day of the triffids on the plot! Containers: All that spent soil needs emptied into the composter(s) and the pots cleaned thoroughly with jeyes and water, and stored ready for the Spring time! Gardens: By now, your last lawn cut should of been done or about to be done depending on your geographical location. The bulbs have been sown for the spring time and everything has been harvested (fruit trees) and pruned. Kitchen:

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BBQs and Lazy Days

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As the days are now getting considerably warmer, it is time for BBQs and Lazy days. Kicking back and enjoying your gardens, watching the Bees go about their business, the ladybugs help clean your beans of greenfly and hopefully, await the arrival of a hedgehog or two for the nightly slug patrol! As we indulge for a moment, why not throw the slow cooker on and add some luxurious homemade pulled pork to your BBQ menu? It is so simple to make and you probably already have some if not all, of the ingredients in your cupboard already! Here is my take the American Pulled Pork. Pulled Pork in a Crock Pot Ingredients 3 tablespoons paprika 1 tablespoons salt 2 teaspoons black pepper ½ teaspoon cayenne pepper 1 teaspoon garlic powder ½ teaspoon dried thyme ½ cup honey ¼ cup re

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Will I See In The Dark?


Growing carrots is easier than some people think, and growing them in containers is not impossible. In fact you can now buy carrot seeds that are specific to container growing because they are short and stumpy but wider than your average ‘ground grown’ carrots. The most important thing to remember with any root vegetable is that they hate being moved, because of this you should never start any rooties in one place, and then move to another when they get bigger. Where you sow, is where you will grow. Soil. Carrots like a sandy soil so that they can move easily in their ‘home’ while they are growing. They, like other rooties, are also thirsty all the time. The best way to check if your little ones need watering is to dip your finger into the soil (away from the veggies) to abou

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Seed Collection

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Gathering tomato seeds is not as scary as it might sound.  After growing a few different varieties you may find one that you like so much, that you want to ensure you will always be able to have the seeds to grow your own at home without the risk of the shop your bought them from not stocking them next year. All you need to do is take a few simple steps and you can guarantee that next year you will have the same tomatoes that have enjoyed in the past and without having to hunt down elusive seeds. Firstly, we need a few bits and pieces to enable us to gather those seeds, namely, a tomato. Pick one that is ripe from a disease free plant. You will need a bowl, a sieve, some water and some paper towels. Slice the tomato in half and scoop out the seeds with as little ‘jelly

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Let’s Get Dirty!

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Gardening is fast becoming the new ‘thing’. More and more people are putting their names on allotment lists, planting at home, and sowing seeds in all varieties of containers and pots and sometimes more unusual holders to grow their fruit, veggies, herbs and plants in. We aim to bring all the delights of Grow Your Own (GYO) to children and adults alike. To do this, we need to start at the beginning. The Soil. Most horticulturists and gardeners know that if your soil is perfect, you can grow literally anything. The exception of course being anything that requires certain conditions like high alkaline or high acidic soil, but for now, let’s show our little ‘angels’ all about soil and the importance that worms have in creating the perfect base for plants to grow in. Wormery

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