beetroot and apple mashup

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Have to harvested your beetroots yet? I did but they were so dissapointing I had to buy some to show you this recipe.

but please feel free to use your own beetroots and potatoes and onions if you can.


Serves 8:

1,8-2kilo of floury potatoes

50grams of butter

250-300grams of  smoked bacon lardons (my bag was 300grams)

1 big onion halved and sliced

1 kilo of cooked beetroots, diced

2 apples diced

Salt and pepper

50ml Milk (optional)




Cook the potatoes in salted water until ready about 20 minutes.

Meanwhile heat the butter in a deep pan and brown and crisp up the bacon, add the onions and let soften.

Then add the beetroot and cook for about 5 minutes, then add the apples, season to taste.bietenstamppot02

Strain the potatoes, keep some of the cooking water (or use milk) and mash them with some butter (optional), thin with cooking water or milk, but just to loosen it, not to make puree.

Add the beetroot mixture and stir well, don’t mash anymore to keep some structure or mash it up completely if you prefer, I like chunks.

Adjust seasoning if needed.


In Holland we eat stamppot with rookworst, a smoked sausage of very fine structure and with sauted belly of pork I cut into small pieces to they crisp up faster.

English sausage or pork chops would do great as well!




Recipe from: Allerhande 11 2011Receptkaarten week 45-48 2011

States this amount would be for 4 people, i’m glad I didn’t double it as I fed my 8 visitors no problem, infact they had seconds so plenty!

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