Cauliflower salad.

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With the summer in full swing, a nice cold salad is a welcome addition to any dinner. This cauliflower salad, is perfect to make in advance as the cauliflower will soak up more of the flavours in the dressing.



Serves 4:

50grams raisins

50ml red wine vinegar

3 tablespoons (olive) oil

1teaspoon sugar (or more if  desired)

Salt and pepper

1 cauliflower cut into florets

1 red onion halved and sliced

2stalks of celery, diced

Handful of chopped parsley


Put raisins, vinegar and the sugar in a saucepan, heat the vinegar until the sugar is dissolved. Taste if it needs more sugar, let cool

Cook the cauliflower in salted water, drain when cooked. Tinse under cold water.

With a whisk add the oil tot he vinegar and raisins, season with salt and pepper.


In a bowl add the onion, celery, parsley and vinegar, combine well. Add the cauliflower and combine, taste to season.



Recipe from Whole living 2010, photos Gardeninglady


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