For Halloween: pepper “pumpkins”

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For 7-8 peppers:

7-8 (bell) peppers in red yellow or orange

1 kilo of beef mince

2 slices of white bread

100ml milk

1 tablespoon of mustard

Salt, pepper, peprika and garlic powder

Worcestershite sauce





Cut of crusts from the bread and cut the bread in chunks, soak in the milk.

Pre heat an oven at 180C


If needed cut a sliver off the bottom of each pepeprs , so it will stand. Cut off the top about 2 cm in, so the stalks stays attached. Empty the peppers.



If you need it, draw a pumpkin like face on the peppers and carefully cut them out.

Squeeze excess milk from bread and place in a bowl, add the meat, mustard and seasoning, mix until combined.


Fill each pepper with meat and place in a greased oven tray.

Cook the peppers in the oven for about 30-34 minutes, depending on their size.

I served them with bloody intestines or spag bolognese 😉





Recipe and photos  Gardeninglady



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