Benefits of Planting Organic Vegetable and Herb Seeds

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You are what you eat’ is an old adage most of us have heard all of our lives. The adage is true, and since the plants we eat all start from seeds, it just makes good health sense to start an organic garden with organic vegetable and herb seeds.

Since plant seeds are in the soil for long periods of time, absorbing whatever is in the soil, there are a multitude of benefits you will reap when planting organic seeds. Consider these pros when selecting your garden seeds.

* Organic seeds come from plants that were grown in organic gardens. No chemical pesticides or fertilizer was used in growing the plants, therefore there are none of those potentially harmful chemicals in the soil. If no harmful chemicals were in the soil or used on the plants, there will not be any in the vegetable or herb seeds.

* Organic seeds will produce garden plants that are more adaptable to chemical-free growing conditions and will thrive under the usage of natural pest control and fertilizer.

* The law of ‘supply and demand’ will ensure the increased varieties of organic vegetable and herb seeds available. Organic gardening and sustainable living are not just popular buzz words, they are ways of life for an ever-increasing number of people. So as the demand for organic seeds grows, so will the variety of seeds available.

* By planting organic seeds you are helping to support a variety of individuals and companies who have committed to producing only the finest quality organic food and related organic gardening items.

* Organic seeds are better for the environment. Plants grown for seed harvest take much longer to mature, and after seed harvest there is a period of time in which the seeds must dry out and be readied for packaging. During either stage of time (growing or drying) the seeds are at an increased risk for pest infestation and damage, so the use of chemical becomes needed to prevent pest damage.

* Organic seeds produce hardier plants. Plants grown under organic conditions have adapted to fending off disease and pests without the aid of chemicals. Organic plants have also adapted to drawing their nutrients directly from the soil. Combine these two traits and you’ll get vegetable and herb plants that are more resistant to pests, disease, drought and other natural conditions than plants grown with the assistance of chemicals.

* The purchase of organic seeds funds research on all things related to organic gardening. Seed companies and universities conduct research on better and healthier ways to grow our food. The more funds each has, the more research that can be conducted and more discoveries made. By purchasing organic seeds today you will be benefiting the organic gardeners of tomorrow with more seed varieties and a better understanding of wide-scale organic gardening.

* No GMO, or genetically modified organisms, are found in organic seeds. Much has been discussed recently regarding genetically modified vegetables and fruits. While enhancing size and shelf life of fruits and vegetables is a plus for the growers, it’s not yet clear as to how the genetic modification will effect the people who eat the GMO food items. Organic garden seeds are pure and free from all GMOs and will produce the pure, unadulterated vegetable or herb as it was meant to be.

* Make your own organic fertilizer from the stalks and leaves of your organically grown vegetables and herbs. Organic vegetable seeds are much better to grow veggies from. It’s a cycle of life that goes round and round without end once you get started with organic seeds.

* Help your fellow gardeners. Start with handful of organic, heirloom garden seeds and next garden season help out your fellow gardener by giving of selling some of your harvested organic seeds. Win converts to the organic way of gardening by showing just what spectacular results you have without the use of chemical fertilizer, herbicides or pesticides.

Growing an organic garden from seeds may lead into a lucrative business in addition to helping educate and convert your fellow gardeners.

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