German roulade

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For two:

2 pieces of thin beef flank steak

2-3 onions, halved then sliced

2 cloves of garlic, crushed

bacon or pancetta, enough to cover the flanksteaks, mine are round I used 6 for the two, you might need more for strips


pepper,salt, paprika powder,

100ml red wine

500ml beef stock

2 tablespoons of (sun flower) oil or butter

1 gherkin, quartered lengthwise




heat oil in a pan with a lid.

add onions (reserve some) and garlic and let soften and colour slightly on low heat whilst  the lid is on.

put the flank steaks between clingfilm and bash them as flat as you can.


then spread mustard on each piece of meat and cover with the bacon or pancetta, chorizo would also be nice.

spread over entire surface some onions and place the gherkins at one side.

Start rolling the meat at the gherkin side and tie with string.



Move onions to one side in pan, add more oil or butter if needed, brown on all sides.

Deglaze pan with the wine and let evaporate for a minute or two, then add the stock and cover the pan.

You should use as much stock as needed to cover 2/3 of the meat, depending on the pan and how many roulades are in there you might need more or less.

cook on low heat until meat is tender, about 1 hour.


recipe from my mother, photos Gardeninglady




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