Incredible Edible Flowers

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Summer is the time for salads, iced drinks and lots of cakes and deserts. All of these can be made even more special with edible Flowers.

A colourful mixed salad looks great, but add blue Borage flowers, orange Calendula petals and a scattering of pink Rose petals, and you have a stunning dish.

Why not colour cordinate, halved red cherry tomatoes, thinly sliced red onion with red Monada flowers and Red rose petals, dress with a balsamic dressing, magic!

Or, Sungold toms, orange sweet peppers with orange Calendula petals garnished with purple Violets or Violas would look amazing.

A more spicy salad or vegetable dish can be enhanced with a mix of herb flowers, the combinations are endless.

Small flowers and petals look wonderful on top of cup cakes and flower petals can be add into homemade fruit jellies and used as a garnish too.

Party drinks are given added punch with ice cubes containing a small flower. Blue Borage flowers are a favorite, but any edible flower can be used.

There are so many ways edible flowers can be used, it just takes a like imagination.



List of some Edible Flowers.

Most Herbs flowers including:

Borage, Mints, Hyssop, Chives, Sage, Rosemary, Thyme, Monada

Violets, Violas, Primrose: Flowers

Roses, Calendula, Pinks:  Petals

Lavender, Jasmine, Lilac: Petals

Nasturtium: Flowers and Leaves

Day Lily [Hemerocallis] : Flowers

Rocket, Radish, Squash, Courgette: Blossoms





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