no machine icecream and only 3 ingredients

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3ingredients icecream1

You need:

A 1.5l container for the freezer

750ml double cream

1 can (400ml) of sweetened condensed milk

Vanilla extract to taste




3ingredients icecream

Whip the cream to soft peaks.

Add the condensed milk and vanilla and mix some more to combine.

Pour into the freezable container and freeze for a couple of hours (4-5)

When serving take out the container about 20 minutes before, it gets pretty hard.


I found many recipes online all using 1:1 ratio for cream and milk. I found that sickly sweet and have adapted it more to my taste, but you’re welcome to experiment.

Vanilla is only one of the aromas you can add, this is a Blanc canvas and will take any flavoring! Like frozen fruit, coffee, chocolate etc.

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