Pesto Pasta

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This week I’ve harvested a lot of green veggies, so what do you do with them? you add green pesto and maybe green pasta, but I didn’t have any 😉



Serves 4:

400grams of dried pasta, any shape

2 table spoons of pesto

½ table spoon Lemon juice

1 tablespoon of (olive) oil

Range of harvested veggies, or shop bought of course

I used :


Haricot verts

1 green pepper chopped

1 chilli pepper (red) chopped

½ cucumber halved, deseeded and sliced

3-4 cloves of (fresh) garlic, pressed

Salt and pepper to taste




Bring two pans with salted water to the boil, when the water boils, blanch the haricot verts and peas in one pan and cook the pasta in the other pan.

Meanwhile in a bowl mix pesto, oil and lemonjuice to make a kind of dressing.


Add to the bowl the chopped peppers, chilli, pressed garlic, cucumber.

When ready, drain the peas and beans and rinse with cold water, drain the pasta and add all to the bowl, mix well. Season to taste


Can be eaten warm or cold. You could add Parmesan cheese on top if desired.

You can add courgettes, broccoli or andy other green vegetable, blanched if needed.


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