Valentine’s day soup with Heart shaped carrots

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Serves 8 as a starter:

4 large carrots heart shaped

4 onions sliced (crescents)

2 liters of water

4 cubes of chicken stock or ready  made

2-3 chicken filets whole

1 chili pepper

Salt and pepper

Handful of soup pasta




To see how I’ve cut my carrots into hearts, see this.

Put in a large pan the water, onions, carrots, chicken, chili and the stock cubes

Bring to the boil (but don’t let is boil harshly as it will toughen up the chicken, just a simmer)

Cook until vegetables and chicken are cooked.

Remove chicken from the pan and let cool slightly before tearing the fillets into chunks, add the chunks back in the pan and add the pasta.

Season to taste with salt and pepper and cook until pasta is ready.


Serve with toasted bread I’ve cut with a cookie cutter into a heart shape as well.

So cute 😉

If you like a bit more color when you add the pasta throw in a handful of frozen peas as well.



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