Free Vegetable Seeds – Free Seeds for Schools

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Update as of 25/01/2011

As it was so successful, thanks everyone, we have to close our Free seeds for schools campaign.

We have given away thousands of packets of vegetable and flower seeds to primary and secondary schools all over the country.

Please visit this page later on (end of summer) possibly for more free seeds!

Thanks for the interest and have a successful growing season.

We offer free vegetable seeds to schools; please send an email to support at; please write seeds for schools in the subject line of the email;  letting us know the address of the school, we will be able to send the free seeds only to the school address! Depending on popularity we will try our best to help everyone, primary schools are our main priority. We will send a selection of 10-15 packets of seeds, suitable for the young growers.

72 Responses to “Free Vegetable Seeds – Free Seeds for Schools”

  • Katherine Grant:

    My first effort at growing tomatoes was this year, and the variety is Shirley. Easy to grow, delicious, reliable and did I say delicious – much nicer than anything shop bought. Also have San Marzano, Sun Belle, Gardeners Delight and Purple Russian ripening, so am waiting with bated breath to see how they taste!

  • Jane Willis:

    I’ve retweeted your competition but you haven’t actuallysaid what hashtag to use so how will I know you’ve seen my tweet?

  • admin:

    Hi Jane, sorry if it was not clear in the description #seedparade please :)

  • Nicolette King:

    This year I grew Gardeners Delight + Pomodoro Tomatoe II San Marzan Lungo F1 Hybrid. Both grew well + are cropping now. Wish I had grown more. Still learning on quantities to grwo at my allotment.#seedparade.

  • andrew morris:

    I’m a bit of a wimp when it comes to tom’s. I tend to use alisa Craig or moneymaker. The others just don’t seem to produce well in my greenhouse!

  • stuartconnell:

    I have been growing shirley tom.s this year they are so reliable and taste great

  • hazel wynne:

    San marzano, gardeners delight, sun gold there my favourite three, although going to try san marzano lungo next year

  • Linda:

    Hi! I’m a bit of an ol-fashioned gardener and usually grow Moneymaker and the beautifully sweet Gardener’s Delight!

  • free background checks:

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  • Becky:

    My favourite tomato is the plum tomato. Very sweet in flavour!

  • Helen Lowry:

    I’ve grown Sub Arctic. This is the first year I’ve ever grown tomatoes and they’re just turning red so I’m really excited with the results!

  • Lisa Day:

    This year i grew Gardeners Delight cherry tomatoes and they are some of the best i have tasted.I’ll definately be growing them again.

  • Stephen Soanes:

    Hi, I’ve grown Gardener’s delight and Gartenperle outside this year in tubs and hanging baskets. They both are now starting to turn red, and look wonderful… Can’t wait to use them in a salad.

  • gewinnspiele kostenlos:

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  • Joanne Downes:

    I have limited space so grew Tumbling Tom in hanging baskets this year. I had a bumper crop and was never without tomatoes. Have even made tomato sauces and put them in the freezer for later on. The green ones are also great in homemade chutney and piccalilli, delicious.

  • peter cleasby:

    Moneymaker – a good reliable crop, tasty enough for me, and not demanding to grow either

  • Susannah Leggatt:

    GOLDEN SUNRAY is an old heirloom variety and one of my fave for flavour, sort of tart and sweet at the same time.

    Although really, any home grown tomato will do, I think the smell of the foliage has something to do with it.

  • pam cooper:

    gardeners delight and was well pleased and some yellow ones dont Know the name as my brother gave me the small plants but they were delicious

  • Susan:

    Gardeners delight – sweet, tasty and always grow well!

  • simone lee:

    great crop all nice and sweet

  • justine Powell:

    Gardeners delight for me too, an oldie but a goodie

  • Jimmy Ryan:

    Gardeners delight

  • Wendy Barbe:

    I too grew the tumbling toms this year, in hanging baskets. Abundant crop, and well pleased.

  • Wendy Preece:

    I always plant Moneymaker – they are the best in my opinion, very prolific and very tasty. You just can’t beat home-grown tomatoes.

  • Helen:

    Marmande – very flavoursome and some highly amusing shapes!

  • claire woods:

    Gardeners Delight

  • Ashley:

    hey, nice blog…really like it and added to bookmarks. keep up with good work

  • Shirley:

    I grew a few different ones this year. A yellow cherry type centiflor millefleur with masses of flowers and hundreds of mini yellow toms worked the best for me.

  • Nikki London:


  • John:

    hey, nice blog…really like it and added to bookmarks. keep up with good work

  • Kevin:

    Moneymaker, but anything edible is good.

  • Diane Jackson:

    My Gardeners Delights are fab this year – really sweet, juicy and LOADS of them!

  • Hayley Todd:

    We have recently decided to turn over part of our garden to growing fruit, veg and herbs! I am really excited about this and would therefore love to win this fabulous competition. I am going to be very boring in choice of favourite tomatoes I’m afraid….it’s got to be Cherry Tomatoes! I just love how sweet + juicy they are and how very versatile they are in cooking!

  • Jeanne Clarke:

    Gardeners Delight- it most certainly lives up to its name

  • fred gwyther:

    The finest tomato is SHIRLEY.

  • Diane Ayres:

    I grow Tom Thumb. I love the small sweet tomatoes.

  • Barbra Kearns:

    I tried Tumbling Toms for the first time this year after my friend gave me some plants – the tomatoes were fantastic and the plants were absolutely dripping with fruit!

  • Faye Oliver:

    moneymaker is my ideal variety

  • Christine Johnson:

    Moneymaker, usually have a good year with them

  • Catherine Thorp:

    I am growing Alicante this year, and have been very pleased with my crop.

  • val hassall:

    I love tigerella toms and they seem to grow quite well for me.However this year will be different as have just got my 1st allotment, so will be growing my fav toms out there,so i shall see how they perform!

  • Laura G:

    I’ve grown various types this year including cherry (for just snacking on), marmande (for my new venture of chutney making – & because I find the odd dhapes facinating) and beefsteak (because I love Italy & they remind me of the Italian dish Insalata Caprese – fresh tomato/basil & mossarella….yum!)

  • janet clegg:

    I grow Alicante and money maker never seem to let me down

    @cleggy23 tweet

  • Paul Ellams:

    Gardeners delight always works for me.

  • Verity Pink:

    We have limited space and my Mum loves cherry tomatoes – so Hundreds and Thousands.

  • Hi

    Is there any chance, please, you might be able to send some seeds for goody bags? Our event, Raising For Rainbows on 17th October is hoping to make LOTS of money for Rainbows Children’s Hospice.

    Thank you x

  • barbara snaith:

    gardeners delight is my choice and my most succesful

  • Sue Bennett:

    Moneymaker is the only one I grow regularly. Working my way through the cherry tomatoes to find a favourite there.

  • peter cleasby:

    Moneymaker – as always tasty and gets to a nice size

  • natalie saunter:

    gardeners delight

  • Kelly Jackson:

    i would love to win these for my grandma, she’s always gardening but can never choose what to plant and i’m just hopeless! giving her an already picked selection would be perfect 😀

  • Maya Russell:

    Ferline F1 is blight resistant and is my favourite this year.

  • Jimmy Ryan:

    Good you usually have a good year with them

  • As we have a Bed and Breakfast Alicante produces wonderful fruit, just the right size with a wonderful taste.

  • We usually grow Gardener’s Delight because they do so well for us, but we tasted some Amana Orange this year. Wow! I normally hate the beefsteak type of tomatoes, but it was fantastic. Definitely going to be growing those next year.

  • Richard Spratley:

    Sungolds have always been much more productive.

  • helen watson:

    this year my mum grew ox heart beef tomatos lovely stuffed the cous cous and goats cheese yum!

  • layla fletcher:

    I created my first garden this year, so far I have had tomatoes and beetroot

  • Adrian Clarke:

    I like cherry tomatoes! Great in salads or just as a healthy snack!

  • Andrea Aspell:

    Gartenperle – easy to grow, reliable and delicious, great in salads and on cheese and tomato sandwiches.

  • dawn:

    my favourite has to be Sungold

  • Lisa Haddon:

    my fave is golden sunrise toms

  • Sharon Fleming:

    San marzano and gardeners delight

  • Tina:

    I have to grow Gardeners Delight because thet are so versatile.

  • Beverley:

    I love the Gardener’s Delight variety because they never fail to grow well.

  • Jimmy Ryan:

    I grew a few different ones this year. A yellow cherry type centiflor millefleur with masses of flowers and hundreds of mini yellow toms worked the best for me.

  • Meg Charlish:

    My friend and I started our first veggy garden this year, we grew four tomato plants, they grew in abundance, I just love the smell of them, nothing like what you buy in shops.

  • Anthea Holloway:

    I love gardeners’ delight – a small but beautifully sweet tomato that does not seem to get any blight or mildew. We loved them this year and they are still producing lovely fruit even now.

  • I’m a newb and don’t understand please forgive me if this is off topic but I would really like to learn how to make a website

  • Kim Purnell:

    I have grown Gardener’s Delight this year

  • Linda Hine:

    Moneymaker – always reliable!

  • Robyn Clarke:


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