Turkeys and New Seeds…..

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We’ve been so busy over the past two weeks, we’ve barely had time to get down to our allotment, but today we braved the cold but sunny weather to check out how our plants have been doing. Everything seems to be faring well, the only exception being the Mizuna which had finally started to wilt and die off following the recent cold weather, so we pulled it up and fed it to the pigs. Mizuna was one of our success stories of this autumn’s planting, so we’ll definitely grow that again next year.

Steve didn’t really fancy putting in the other raised bed today (he claimed it was too cold!) so we just had a cup of tea in the warm allotment Club House by the woodburning stove, admired our plot and then had a quick look at the turkeys. They’ve got a couple more weeks to fatten up before Christmas. I still can’t get used to the idea of eating animals from the allotment and luckily this year I won’t have to as we’re off to India on holiday for Christmas and New Year, but I guess it’s good to know that they have been well looked after and have had a good life for their albeit short lives! Be prepared for our blog about all the weird and wonderful veg we see growing in India when we get back in mid Jan!

Lajos sent us some new seeds and this has really spurred on our enthusiasm for the new growing season ahead. We’re trying to be fairly organised about we’re going to plant from February and so we’ve started a spreadsheet so we have no excuses about what to plant when and when to harvest. I guess it sounds a bit like extreme veg gardening, but with so many wonderful seeds, we’re really determined to grow loads of things from seed and bring them on as seedlings before planting them out. I’m really excited about some of the seeds such as the ‘Rainbow F1’ Carrots, ‘Purple Podded’ Peas and ‘Black Cherry’ Tomatoes. So back to the spreadsheet of what to plant, when…..


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