Win 30 Packets of Seeds

As spring approaches, you might want to try your luck in our raffle to win some great vegetable seeds. 5 lucky winners will be selected, and they will receive 30 packets of seeds each. It is enough even for a large allotment to grow a great variety of vegetables. The winners will be randomly picked by the raffle software and they will receive 30 packets of randomly picked seeds.

We will make sure you get a good variety, tomatoes, peppers, carrots, beetroot and many more, we might include some herb and flower seeds too. A very good way to save money and make sure that you have all the vegetables and herbs you need is to grow your own, it is not hard and with passion you can too grow a bountiful edible garden. Our vegetable seeds have excellent germination rates and the seedlings will grow into strong, healthy plants.

Shortages of tomatoes and other vegetables forced people to rush and buy seeds, but do not be afraid we and other retailer have plenty to go around and there will be no shortages of seeds. The most popular veg always was and still is to grow from seeds is tomato. The amazing varieties you can grow from seed cannot even be compared to the ones you buy in the supermarkets, so it is an excellent choice to grow your own tomatoes and other veggies too. If you new to growing vegetables from seeds we have plenty of resources on the website and detailed articles about how to get started, and long reads too for example on how to grow tomatoes and how to spot different problems on your tomato plants throughout the growing season.

We recommend the Sungold and Sungrape tomatoes for snacking, Marmande and Roma for sauce making and for general use the best producer is Alicante and Golden Sunrise.

The giveaway is only open the UK residents as we cannot send seeds abroad. It is easy to enter, you just have to use your email address. You can sign up for our newsletter to receive special offer and other giveaway emails. If you are already signed up, you can still follow the action in the raffle box but you will not receive multiply newsletters. You can also use the refer a friend option to encourage others to join the raffle while you earn multiply entries. Good luck everyone and thank you very much for taking part, winners will be announced one day after the raffle ends and they will be contacted via email.

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