Getting to grips with the plot over Easter 2016

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It’s been quite a while since I last updated my activities on plot 44 and that has been due to a whole range of issues that allotmenteers deal with from time to time – life . My grown up children are now studying in London & Liverpool , the dog has recovered from last year’s spinal injury but still needs to lose weight . Allotment wise I’ve spent quite a bit more time than I would have liked on setting up a proper association on the site and for my sins ended up as chairperson this year .
I’ve been sowing seeds since the start of February whilst also getting my plot back on track . There’s still a long list of improvements/repairs that I would like to complete and I have been steadily carrying out improvements since the beginning of March replacing the fence and I’ve even managed to construct a mini lean-to greenhouse on the side of my shed which has been on my wish list for the past four years.
I have always been a bit of a seed hoarder and this year is no exception so whilst I was off work during the Easter weekend I spent a few days getting myself in to some sort of order. I’ve divided my seeds between seven seed tins and labelled the tins as follows : Flowers & Fruit Seeds, Alliums & Root Veg, Brassicas & Squash, Salad & Herbs, Miscellaneous (Sweetcorn, Cardoon,Samphire etc.) and the last tin contains the various seeds that I’ve saved myself from last year’s plants .I sow seeds from one of those tins each morning and now that we have lighter evenings I spend a hour or so pricking out previously sown seedlings before preparing seed trays and choosing the seeds from the next day’s tin to sow the next morning . So far this new time table is working whilst allowing me to lend more of my free time completing improvements on the plot . Until next week I thank you for reading/returning, Paul

Tom Thumb lettuce pricked out

Tom Thumb lettuce pricked out

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