Growing Sweetcorn varieties together – do’s and dont’s

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Just a note about growing different types of Sweetcorn together.

Firstly you need to plant them in a block if possible few lines wide each way rather than 2 or 3 long lines to aid pollination.. you get better pollination when they are together as the pollen is distributed by wind..

You basically get 3 types of sweetcorn.
Hybrid Sweets = abbreviated as su
Supersweets = abbreviated as sh2
Sugar Enhanced = abbreviated as se

You can’t just plant any of them together or you will get mutations of types and really strange cobs..

So basically I have been doing research on it and done the following easy reference – I also now understand it!!

Supersweets (sh2) must only be grown on their own or 2 or 3 other sh2 types..
Hybrid Sweets (su) and Sugar Enhanced (se) can be mixed with each other no problem.

If you have (like me) different types on the same plot they say they should be at least 50′ apart… a bit difficult sometimes!!

The types are sometimes noted on the seed descriptions but if not try to google them to find out what they are.

I have been asked about Baby Corn… Answer – No problem. Baby corn you can plant with anything as you pull it before it pollinates, but if you miss some they will cross with other corns. I would also cut the tassels off the mini corn so no pollen might stray to other normal sweetcorn.

Hope this makes sense and helps.  GJC

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