Itchy Fingers – I wish Spring would hurry up!!

I’m itching to get going this year and get things planted out… But I still have to finish preparing the plot as with the strange conditions I’ve not had a chance to get stuck in and get all the digging done. And the ground is still too cold!! Last year was my first year on the plot that had been neglected for years so I double dug the whole thing to a depth of 18″ or so and added loads of manure. This year I’m just turning over one spade depth and then going to rotavate it to fluff it up. I did a few yards a few weeks ago but was still too wet and a bit more last weekend and it was so much drier. So soon I will get stuck in and get it all done. Starting off over the weekend – weather permitting.

The Garlic is doing well but still taking time to really start shooting up. I have a few varieties of normal and some Elephant type.. Cant wait to bake the large elephant cloves..

In anticipation of a great sun filled year I have been very busy since January at home..

I have sowed loads of onions, which includes some Mammoth types for our local show to go for the largest onion. I also have Potato Onions (similar to shallots) at various stages of growth. As a trial I’m starting the sets in 3″ pots at different times to see which is the bet time to start them off. Also have two varieties of shallots in modules along with a packet of normal onion sets in modules to get going asap for some early green onions when the Japanese winter onions are finished. Also trying some Japanese or Welsh Spring bunching onion from seed. I have some growing from sets but found these in the SeedParade shop so giving them a try.  They have such a different flavour and are great in casseroles or stews.


Also in modules are my first early Broad Beans and then my peas in guttering are now all ready to go into their spots at the plot once it is prepared.. I also have more broadies in modules about to germinate as my main crop. My winter broadies failed to survive the cold wet winter and all died.

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My tomatoes are doing well but as I dont have any grow lights they are not really big yet but are not leggy as well.. which is good!!  I have potted on a few of each of the types I’m growing as earlies (4 types) so far and have loads more showing their baby leaves and then more that I sowed a few days ago. I bought a few “monster” types on ebay and from the USA so will have to see how they do. Mainly for eating big tomatoes but also for our fun tomato competition. I have only ever grown a few plants last year so hope to learn to grow them this year. I have sowed over 20 different varieties!! I love tomatoes and even have a salt n pepper set at the plot for eating off the plant!!

Last birthday my sons gave me an ePropagator and it is really doing well – could really do with another but this one will just have to cope for now!  Dear Kids – It’s my birthday again soon and would really like another one like the last one you gave me….. I also need to get more shelving space into the conservatory for all the potted on plants.

My potatoes are chitting slowly in the garage and will be planted in a few weeks time. They seem really slow this year but I don’t mind as the chitting has started the sprouting process off and they will soon get growing once planted out.


I also have leeks scattered around the conservatory in various state of disrepair… I lost all of my early sowings which included the ones for the SeedParade competition.. Anyway I sowed more and they are doing well now.  As I failed dismally to grow them on after pricking out my first few batches of leeks and onions I have decided to leave them in the containers to grow to planting size then will plant them directly into the plot.

I have also sowed more Asparagus seed  so I can add another 2 varieties to my bed. Hopefully having 4 different types will give an extended cropping season.

So it’s been a bust time tending to all the seeds and really wish for a great sunny summer..

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Oh yes… I nearly forgot!! I still have all my gemsquash, beans, courgettes, marrows, acorn squash, hubbard squash, pumpkins, sweetcorn, cabbage, beetroot to name but a few to get going in modules and the peas will go direct..






Gavin Conway
Moved to the UK from Zimbabwe in 2001. We had a 12 acre plot with a 2 acre normal garden, loads of Koi ponds, a 2 acre veg garden, 3 orchid sheds with over 400 plants, bonsai shed, granny cottage and workshop area.. Comming to the UK and into a 3 bed semi was a shock!! But we knew what to expect and just got on with our lives. I love growing veg and started to grow on my flat garage roof for a few years then moved on to a couple of garden shares then onto a full sized allotment at the end of 2011. I have done loads of work with it and got it looking good. see my blog site at Hope I can help others with info on growing and getting ground and allotments to their liking. Self employed with Kleeneze Gavins grafix doing vinyl signs and a personal courier with Yodel..

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