More Rain and the Edible Garden Show!

We were planning to spend some time down on the plot on Sunday but it didn’t happen because of the pouring rain! We like to think of ourselves as hardy gardeners but there really wasn’t anything we could have done gardening-wise!

I really hope the weather improves soon; it has to, doesn’t it?! It’s been raining all morning here but it finally looks like it might it might stop and brighten up. It’s just a shame it’s a workday for me, otherwise, I’d be heading straight down to the allotment with the first promise of sunshine!

Sunday wasn’t a complete write-off in the end though, as we just decided to spend the afternoon in our local village pub reading the Sunday papers by the fire with a couple of pints of cider ; )

At home, we’re busy chitting our potatoes in egg boxes ready for planting next month. We’re going to try growing our potatoes in containers this year, the harvest last year on the plot was a bit of a disaster as all our potatoes got potato blight.

All of our seedlings are continuing to do well, especially our broad beans (‘Aquadulce Claudia’) and peas (‘Douce Provence’). We sowed some tomato and aubergine seeds a couple of weeks ago and they’re looking strong too. It’s always intriguing to try growing different varieties, so I’m looking forward to seeing how our ‘Alicante’ tomatoes and ‘Black Beauty’ aubergines do, as we haven’t grown these before.

We also went to the Edible Garden Show, which is held in Stonleigh in Warwickshire over the weekend. The show is completely devoted to growing your own fruit and veg. It was a fun day out, we could have easily spent a fortune there as they have everything for the garden, but we managed to show a bit of self-restraint and just came away with a heated plant propagator and some nematodes!


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