Late sowings of peas

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From early spring, or other words main sowings of peas you are most likely to start to harvest your crop just about now or very soon. You can sow pea seeds as late as June – July for picking the same year. Sow the seeds of intervals of two to three weeks and they will be ready to pick in September even throughout October if the weather is mild. In places where there is a risk of frost in October you will need to cover the plants with cloches if they are not ready to pick yet, but generally from an early July sowing you will have a crop in late September.

Peas sown very late or very early are likely to escape the damage of birds and pea moth which are a problem with main sowings. Last year I had a really bad infestation of moths in my maincrop peas, the whole lot had to go onto the compost heap. But in wet summers, the one we just about to have, slugs can be a big problem so some protection against them is essential especially in the early stages of growing. Here are a few ideas how to protect your plants from slugs. They can attack the seedlings under the surface too so to avoid this make sure you firm the soil down, don’t worry the pea shoots are strong and will find their way to the surface. Sow the seeds 2-3 inches apart in 2-3 inches deep drills. The best to sow peas this late in free draining, fertile soil which keeps the moisture as during the summer lack of water can be a problem and peas don’t like that. Powdery mildew can be a problem with late peas but kelvedon wonder shows some degree of resistance against it.

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  • Pam:

    I have just got in from sowing peas. The weather is very wet and warm. Almost tropical and I figured they should germinate quickly. Mine are in more danger from my guinea fowl than from slugs but I can always put a net over them.

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