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Hot Peppers: Turn up the heat

Person Author: Ryan Lewis Calender February 10, 2012 Posted Tags: , , , , , , , Comment No Comments

Even though it’s cold outside things are beginning to hot up indoors as now is the perfect time of year to start sowing hot peppers. Hot peppers, or Chillies as they’re more commonly known, take quite some time to grow and ripen and by sowing in January/February this will mean that you are rewarded with a decent crop in July/August, allowing fruits to ripen in the Summer sun.  Chillies are massively popular right now and are incredibly easy to grow with a little know how.   To get started, all you will need is your hot pepper seeds, good quality seed compost, a seed tray, cell trays or plant pots, and a warm place to let them germinate.  Fill your container with compost and firm it lightly, this will ensure that when you sow your seed it will have good contact with the compost

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