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Double Digging – how to do it..

Person Author: Gavin Conway Calender December 9, 2012 Posted Tags: Comment No Comments
double digging

Digging is best done in the autumn as it gives time for the soil to be broken down by frost. But if the weather conditions don't allow - early spring will be fine.. Incorporate a layer of good manure or home made compost when you dig. All this organic matter will help improve your soil and encourage worms and micro organisms to work their magic on their plot. By double digging you also dump most of the weed seeds that are on or near the surface right to the bottom of the trench as you turn the soil over, which in most cased will kill them as its too deep for them to grow. But alas they will be back from nowhere to haunt you again!! There's no doubt about it – digging is hard work – so it's important that you know your limits. Start off slow and your body muscles will soon tone up..

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