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Person Author: Helen Fowler Calender July 26, 2012 Posted Tags: , Comment 1 Comment

Many of us are or have been foragers at one time or another, often without realising that what we are doing. Picking brambles for a pie or jam, collecting danelion leaves or chickweed for the pet rabbit, fishing at the coast. Any these activities make you one of a growing number of Foragers. This search for wild edible plants and foods has a huge following in America, with many organised events and 'foraging' hikes. It is now gaining more popularity in Britain.  Many years ago I lived on a large mixed farm, there was lots of different habitat's and I spent many hour foraging and learning what could be eaten. Some of my foraged foods were delicious and a lovely suprise, others I would never eat again! Some folks look upon wild foods with suspicion and think it is strange that anyone would

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