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How to over-winter your Chilli plants..

Person Author: Gavin Conway Calender December 9, 2012 Posted Tags: , Comment No Comments
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I thought I would share this as it is time to get your Chilli plants ready for overwintering. (I confess this is not my article – I found it on "chilli king" website when I was looking to over winter a few plants of mine.) It is much easier to bring them out after over-wintering as plants rather than bringing them up again from seed. You can choose the best plants in Autumn / Winter that you have to keep for the following season. You are basically going to put them in hibernation and bring them out in the Spring to flourish once more.. 1. Not all your plants will make it though the winter. Assuming you are like most people available space (away from frosts) such as in the greenhouse or conservatory or a sunny windowsill will be limited so only choose your best looking, healthie

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First chilli harvest

Person Author: Lajos Szabo Calender July 11, 2012 Posted Tags: , Comment 1 Comment

Finally I can cook some fiery meal with home grown chillies. The weather wasn't and still isn't very kind to our veggies but the plants in the greenhouse growing well. I have tried to grow peppers outside years ago but I don't think is really possible so since then I grow peppers and aubergines strictly in the greenhouse. I know that many enthusiastic chilli growers sow their seeds as early as December,, but I think February is more realistic for the most of us; that is when I sow my pepper and aubergine seeds. They need heat to germinate so place the seed tray above a radiator or airing cupboard and as soon as the seedlings appear place them on the sunniest windowsill or conservatory if you have one. You can sow pepper seeds through March but I wouldn't recommend later sowings than

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