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How to grow Lettuce

Person Author: Helen Fowler Calender October 13, 2012 Posted Tags: , Comment 3 Comments
08 Interplanting Salads

Lettuce [ Lactuca sativa ], is an annual plant that belongs to the asteraceae family. This family includes many garden flowers such as the calendula and sunflower. Lettuce is usually grown for it's tender leaves, most often used in salads. The wild lettuce, the ancestor of our garden lettuce can be found in many countries across the globe and was brought to our shores by the Romans. There are 7 main types of lettuce, Batavian, Buttercrunch, Butterhead, Chinese, Cos, Crisphead and Looseleaf. Within these 7 types are hundreds of varieties that come in a wide range of greens, reds and speckled. By selecting from the large selection of varieties available, lettuce can be grown and harvested almost year round. Batavian Not widely grown in Britain, Batavian lettuce are also known as

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