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How to grow parsley from seeds

Person Author: Lajos Szabo Calender June 2, 2012 Posted Tags: , Comment 2 Comments

Parsley (Petroselinum crispum) is native to the Mediterranean region and it is a herbaceous biennial. It means that the plants will produce seeds the second year of their life. The first year they will produce the delicious foliage only, the second year in early summer the plants will grow flower spikes and the usable foliage will be considerably less and not so good tasting. The advice is that sow parsley every year in late spring – early summer and get rid of the plants the second year when they start growing the flowers. You can use the leaves in the second year too in early spring. Parsley is really popular in every British kitchen, useful as a garnish and great in soups, stews, risotto well literally in every meal; I love it. You can grow curly leaved parsley, flat leaf parsley a

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