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Tomatoes: Removing Side Shoots or Not


      The Tomato plants that we have grown from seed or purchased as plants are now growing fast. A question often asked by new gardeners is 'Do I remove the side shoots from my tomato plant'? Well that depends, there are two basic types of tomato. The first are called 'Determinate' or Bush types. These include varieties like 'Tumbler', 'Totem', 'Minibelle', 'Garden Pearl' and cascade varieties. You DO NOT remove the side shoots. These tomato plants know what they are doing, hence the name Determinate. They will grow outwards forming a mound or stay small and bushy, or cascade down. These determinate or bush types are great to grow in pots, tubs or even hanging baskets. The second type are called 'Indeterminate' commonly called Cordon or Vine tomatoes. T

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