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Raised Beds and Overwintering Onions

Person Author: Helene Coleman Calender November 17, 2012 Posted Tags: , , , Comment No Comments
Onions ready to plant.

Today we finally filled the raised bed we put in a few weeks ago. After a fairly unsuccessful few months earlier in the year, where everything was eaten by slugs, wood pigeons or rabbits, we thought we’d just put in some raised beds and buy some custom built protective netting. We filled the beds with a mixture of our own soil from the plot (a sandy loam) and compost from the allotment communal heap. I have to say, we’re pretty pleased with how everything is growing so far (even though its late autumn and not much is really growing much at the moment!). It feels like being able to manage a contained space in the raised beds makes growing a lot easier! We also tested our topsoil, as we’d seen in some of the gardening books that it was quite a useful thing to do. We tested our s

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