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Will I See In The Dark?


Growing carrots is easier than some people think, and growing them in containers is not impossible. In fact you can now buy carrot seeds that are specific to container growing because they are short and stumpy but wider than your average ‘ground grown’ carrots. The most important thing to remember with any root vegetable is that they hate being moved, because of this you should never start any rooties in one place, and then move to another when they get bigger. Where you sow, is where you will grow. Soil. Carrots like a sandy soil so that they can move easily in their ‘home’ while they are growing. They, like other rooties, are also thirsty all the time. The best way to check if your little ones need watering is to dip your finger into the soil (away from the veggies) to abou

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Companion planting with marigolds

Person Author: Lajos Szabo Calender August 16, 2012 Posted Tags: , Comment No Comments

Companion planting means lots of different things to different people. Wether one plants flowers in order to attract pollinators or just quick sprouting radish to mark the row, all can be called companion planting. If you plant two or more different species of plants together so one will help an other in growth or in protection from pests is also companion planting. There are hundreds of different ways and techniques what flower to plant with what vegetable and which vegetables grow best together. The most common is to attract bees and other useful insects to your plot is to plant flowers with your vegetables. So called traditional gardens have a herb garden, flower bed and the vegetable beds all separately planted, but for best results and maximum benefits it is the best to mix all of

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